Monday, September 17, 2012

Thick as Thieves

I was so excited for this past weekend. I thought everything would go swimmingly. I really did. But, underneath that, a little insecurity plagued me. What if she didn't like me anymore? Or stopped thinking I was funny? Then, what if she'd changed? And she wasn't goofy anymore? Oh my god, what if our relationship doesn't transcend Morocco?

I first met Kim on the phone when a very abrupt woman at a garage sale in Morocco shoved a phone dialing my husband in her hand. This is just one of the many ways that expats meet each other. All that is required to become friends is that you're American and speak English. Or in this case, that you have kids. The woman with the phone was a co-worker of Craig's, but didn't have any children. But, she assured Kim we had a kinder smorgasbord. So, Kim, unexpectedly even to herself, invited us out on a blind date family style. We met for ice cream. And that was the unusual introduction that started our unusual friendship.

Turns out, Kim and family are our next door neighbors here in Colorado. Ok, maybe they aren't right next door. But, Boulder is only an hour an a half drive from us. Both of us just had to move to Morocco to meet each other.

We were thick as thieves from day one.

Within the first couple of weeks she invited me to get naked with her for my first hammam.

We shopped, got caught in protests and braved what to do when your car gets booted in Morocco together.

She came with me when I tried my first social experiment to see if we could get our shoes shined at one of the male only cafes.

And she took me out on my 41st birthday where we got kicked out of a mall and then hung out with prostitutes .

In other words, she was always up for anything and we just had a great time together. Not only that, we both had similar politics and a similar distaste of the Embassy bubble lifestyle. Oh, and bonus, our kids and husbands got along too.

So, when we went to stay at their house this weekend, it didn't take two minutes to realize we're still thick as thieves. Especially when she told me this reminded her of me.

She gets me. She really gets me!


Dangerous Linda said...

wonderful! the adventure continues, right???

The Loerzels said...


Leah Griffith said...

Now that is friendship! LOL!! You two might be more of an amped up version of Ethel and Lucy. Looks like we're in for more episodes;)

Anna and Kim said...

Hey, you know, I just had a hunch you'd write something like this, and I just got on-line to check. Yes, I get you (maybe because you are like me!)

It was so great to hang with you again. And, yes, I'd say we are thick as thieves (but not actually thieves, of course).

The Empress said...

Life can throw us such wonderful surprises.

Happy to see how well this went.

Friends. I love my friends.


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