Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Color of my Soul

The Orange Soul is flamboyant and warm-hearted, generous and gregarious. The life and soul of all things. Orange follows their gut instincts, instigates change and loves to entertain you. The Orange Soul longs to be free and explore.

Orange is my favorite color. Actually black and grey are my favorites too, but some might argue that they really aren't colors in their own right, but the culmination of all the colors. So again, I say my single most favorite pure, unadulterated color is orange. The thing with orange is, you can't help but see it. It's not boring brown, it's not sexy red, it's not happy yellow or serious green. Orange is goofy. And over the course of the last two weeks it has crept up everywhere.

Here in Morocco not many people know that I am the proud owner of a 1969 Kharmann Ghia named crush in the most lovely, vibrant orange. A gift from my husband for my 40th birthday. Somehow, it has not only come up in conversation, but has been brought up by the other person I'm talking to in some strange way. Which got me to thinking. I hope my friend Kirsten, Ghia-sitter extraordinaire, is doing her job and driving it around with the top down looking really hot. (And yes, the looking really hot part is part of the deal.) Please Colorado Springians....if you see Crush (and you'll know it's Crush by the kick ass Pike's Peak Derby Dame's sticker on the front windshield), please send me reports of your sightings. There will be a special prize for anyone sending in a picture of Kirsten looking very hot while in it....or on it, as the case may be. (I have my reasons....)

Orange encounter number 2: I'm at Etam (my new favorite store) and they have an orange one piece bathing suit for 75% off. Now I knew this wouldn't fit me because I'm super long waisted and any one piece turns out to be a thong on me, even though it's not intended to be. And then it's super cheap. So it's not looking good. I try it on and start doing my happy dance in the changing room when it fits absolutely perfectly. YAY!!!

The next week, I'm shopping for groceries at Marjane (which is like Morocco's Walmart, except that it's wares are even worse and the lines are even longer). I'm looking in the dollar bins, or dirham bins rather, and there is an orange 9X9 pan for less than $5. Except that I don't need one, I already have a glass 9x9 pan. I contemplate and pass it up. While edging my cart closer to the groceries I see it. It's the most beautiful small appliance I've ever seen....it's an orange espresso maker for about $10! I don't drink espresso, but damn it....I'm going to now! It's perfectly streamlined and it's so orange it's almost comical I start asking people I know if they know how to make espresso so I can figure out how to christen it properly. I can't stop talking about it. I carry a picture around with me on my cell phone of it so I can show it to people. They think I'm weird. Everyone does.

I'm out looking for a birthday present which I find successfully, but I'm right near Marjane which still has that 9x9 pan. Hmmmmmm. I don't need it, but come on it's less than $5. I will give you that $5 if you know of someone else who has a 9x9 pan that they paid less than $5 for. There you go. Pan in cart. Since my last Marjane trip they added more items to the bin. They have coffee cups (I LOVE coffee cups) with yes....come on.....you know where this is going.....an orange rim for less than $1 each! I am obligated to get them to match the espresso maker that I don't know how to make espresso from. SOLD!

Last week, my friend Kim and I go on an adventure to find the English Bookstore in Rabat (which amazingly we found and is aptly named ENGLISH BOOKSTORE) and go to the Medina. While at the Medina I pass by a silver necklace with an orange stone. Intrigued even though it looks less than stellar on display, I ask to see it and the store owner takes it out and puts it on me. It looks great with my skin tone and face he says. Which makes me laugh in his face, cause it's a load of crap. Then he laughs too. And he who laughs last.......well he sells some jewelry! We decide we're done and head out. On the way out, I find a hand of fatima candle (I thought I could just skip saying it's orange at this point). Kim and I discuss how well we did at the Medina, how great the day has been and we make it to the car. It's booted!

Now the point at which I determined that I needed, like really needed to write a post on my orange experiences came when I noticed that the boot.....well it was also ORANGE! Kim and I laughed our asses off. Here's two white, white American women standing on the sidewalk opposing an orange booted car laughing hysterically. We learn that you need to pay the automated machine and put a ticket in your window to park in the spots with the blue dotted lines. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Lesson learned. The Friday afternoon call to prayer is bellowing and everyone is passing by us on their way to Mosque. Someone will come to take this boot off inshallah (god willing).

What does this all mean? It must be a sign of something bigger. So I do what all soul searchers do. I google. I look up soul colors and sure enough someone has categorized soul colors and their meaning (and is selling products that can help you determine your very own soul color). How does one get that job? I think I'd be very good at it. It's got alot of cool information on the site, but I'm not paying to find out my soul color. This is a solemn soul searching event. Not soul color prostitution. So, I look for a free alternative to to accurately determine my soul color. Free quiz on facebook? BINGO! And guess what color my soul is? I don't need to say it do I?

Maybe it's not about my soul at all. Maybe the boot on my car just meant I should stop buying orange things? Naaaah, probably not....
(If you or someone you love is having a soul color emergency you can access http://www.soulcolour.com/. Please have your credit card handy. I in no way earn a commission off the sale of their products.)


Anna and Kim said...

Love it!

Jaime Brown said...

Orange you glad you bought that pan? I bet you are!

PS--maybe an appropriate caption for the top photo of you in the Adidas shell toes and swimsuit should be...

"Shell Toes and Camel Toes"

Excuse me. That's highly inappropriate.

But it seems as if you're totally into inappropriate things. Or maybe just orange things...


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