Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Almost Home

We flew into the Buffalo Airport where we were greeted by tour pamphlets of things to do in the area. But that's not why we're here. I'm from a small town near Buffalo that I haven't been back to in about 7 years or so. We won't be going there either. Nope, we're heading an hour south for my niece's wedding.

It's been a few years since I've seen my family. And in the two years we've been in Morocco I've become a great aunt twice. I would love to attach a photo of me with both of them, but I didn't take any with my camera. In fact, I have the worst photos of the entire weekend on my camera. Seriously...

This is a picture of the plastic wrapped apples at the breakfast bar. Because I thought it was totally hilarious. I mean, is that how they got them off the tree? A slow and painful asphyxiation?

I got this one of my niece Cleo doing Ember's nails. I know you can't see Cleo's face, but she's totally beautiful and totally sweet and totally better at doing nails than I am.

I don't have any pictures of the wedding ceremony because we were asked not to take photos during the ceremony. Otherwise I totally would have. But, they would have been awesome. I'm sure of it. Ok, probably not.

But, after the ceremony, this is when my kids took my camera and these photos. This is me and my brothers and sister (my other sister couldn't make it). This captures that great moment when you're like where the crap am I supposed to stand and what do I do with my hands? Unless it was who farted. Seriously, do you know my family?

I got the camera back briefly to get this shot of all of my nieces, nephews and grand niece and nephew. Well, not all, 4 were missing. Don't worry, not the milk-carton-kind-of-missing. Have I ever mentioned I grew up in a Catholic family? But, you probably figured that out by now.

The kids re-confiscated my camera. And took this photo of my brother Jim and niece Jenni. I don't know what the hell they're doing in this photo, but I'm so glad that I can always look back at it and eternally ponder what the hell they're doing.

I'm positive that this photo of Sky was taken as collateral for something. Like, "Let me use your ipod or I'll tell mom you were drinking screwdrivers at the bar." Something like that.

This is my dad pushing up his glasses. And that's his sister. Can't you see the family resemblance? Yup, they both wear glasses.

Then there's this picture. I have no idea who she is. Which is why I felt totally comfortable posting this. If she and I were related she'd know how to find me and get revenge. But I figure she's from the grooms side of the family, so I'm safe.

Wait a minute. I've seen that same hand gesture before. Maybe the lady in blue is on the bride's side of the family after all. And maybe we should skip town. Luckily, we have an early flight the next morning.

So we get up at the butt crack of dawn. And we arrive at the ticketing counter at 7:00am. When we are told the flight we were scheduled to take home doesn't exist. And there's no way to make it home until the next day. If then.

Stay tuned for Almost Home part 2.


Gary said...

I bet Jenni is helping an overheated Jim roll up those sleeves. I'm wondering about all that paperwork in Jim's pocket. There's something to ponder.

Those hand gestures are slightly different: Pinkie-up vs. Index finger-up. Could mean two completely different things in their culture.

Your dad definitely looks like a pilot in a Bob Hoover/Sully Sullenberger sort of way.

A photo like the one of Sky exists of me sneaking champagne from a dry ice-cooled fountain at the tender age of 14. Era check: I was wearing a powder blue leisure suit at the time. I must find that photo and destroy it.

Thanks for the ride to Buffalo! Looking forward to hearing how we get back and if it's with baggage, and if it involves a stop in Cleveland.

Cerebrations.biz said...

You never did say you enjoyed yourself at the wedding- I hope you did!

The Loerzels said...

@ Gary-How did you know Cleveland would be involved?
@ Roy-Of course.

Gary said...

I didn't know. I guessed based on it having been my unintended destination on 2 different occasions in my 30 years of frequent flying. It's become my "go to city" for errant flights and baggage.

Now I'm anxious to hear how it figures into your return!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Welcome back to the hood.

SherilinR said...

ugh, flight drama!
some of the best memories never get captured on film.

Leslie said...

Wonderful photos and so funny about the wrapped fruit?!

Leah Griffith said...

I loved seeing your family Marie. It's funny how when we get around family we search for our spot...that place we used to stand when we lived around them all the time, but then we realize our spot is gone, absorbed into the vacuum of clan living. So you stand on the outer-edge, a bit awkward and shy, reminding yourself that these are your people and searching for the connection to prove it.

These little visits rarely offer enough time to connect in any meaningful way, so you survive on snapshots and memories and the knowledge that your very blood bears witness that these are your people.

MuMuGB said...

You look very glam!
What is it with you always having problems with flights and hotel? I can't wait to read part 2!


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