Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Real Simple

It was simply time for a little get away in the mountains. Perfect for a long Labor Day weekend. We piled the kids into the car and headed west.

The scenery was simply beautiful.

We arrived at the hot springs and headed for the pool with the water slide. But it simply wasn't hot enough.

So we headed to the stream where I was simply tried not to fall on my ass in the cold water.

Before we huddled in the water pools nestled next to the rocks on the side of the stream where is was hot, but simply crowded.

When we were pruned we got in the car and headed to the town of Salida, a simple little town.

Where we stayed in a simple little hostel.

In one room on bunk beds where I had the best sleep in a long time. But I think that was simply due to the benedryl.

They had a Labor Day concert downtown. I'm simply using "downtown" loosely here.

Where we watched fireworks snuggled in blankets from the hostel to stay warm because most of the kids simply forgot to pack a fleece.

The next day was full of simple pleasures. Like pretending to be a mannequin.

Skipping stones in the Arkansas River where Sky taught Ember how to do it quite simply.

Then we did a simple hike and the kids were all smiles.

At least until the end when we got to the water fall and realized it was simply over and time to go home.

Because one of the kids simply had strep throat.


Leah Griffith said...

Looks like you had a simply wonderful time this weekend! Thanks for sharing it with those of us who stayed home and did simply nothing;)

Cerebrations.biz said...

Loved the kicker... And, enjoy your nursing duties the rest of this week!

Gary said...

We simply love to do the same thing - pile in the car and head west. The Rockies are beautiful this time of year and plenty of fun adventures await.

I met this author's wife and son at the same shady spot on the Arkansas recently:


They're slowly restoring a scary-looking old house downtown. Patrick had just released his latest book: "Dog is my Co-pilot" Check it out!

I was a teenage strep-magnet! Glad those days are over.

Nice simple post. Enjoyed it. Thanks!

The Loerzels said...

@ Leah-I wish I was good at staying home, but I'm not.
@ Roy-Hoping no one else gets sick before we go away next weekend.
@ Gary- Very cool! My dad and brothers are all pilots, but unfortunately not dog lovers...

SherilinR said...

i can't wait til the weather's cool enough to wear a jacket here.
i had no idea that there were hostels in the usa. i thought those were a european gem, not to be found in the states. interesting. did you all sleep in the same room?

The Loerzels said...

@ Sherilin-OH YES, SHARED room. It's not the first time either. When my husband was deployed in Iraq for 15 months and had his mid-tour 2 week break and we went to Rome (all 5 of us at the time) we also shared a room. A very, very squeaky old Italian room....

Sandra said...

Ah shoot! It was all simply delightful...until the strept throat!


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