Monday, March 17, 2014

Best Of

You know there comes a time in a career when they release the "Best of so and so" and it's usually at the end. A confirmation that the best is in the past. That's so not what I'm doing here.

What I am doing is taking a spring break for a bit. So, I've come up with this clever or cheesy way to keep you entertained in my absence. Consisting of some of my favorite posts that didn't make the book.


Coffee, Donuts and Camels
A reader suggested that this post should go in the Embassy newsletter. When it got submitted to the higher ups for review it was deemed too controversial. That's when I knew I'd arrived. And so did they.

Speed Dating
My first real attempt at trying to make girlfriends and feeling like a total loser while doing it.

Attack of the Twisted Zombie Mannequins
The story I made up about the extremely creepy mannequins used in the medinas throughout Morocco.

The Belly Dance Post
Video of the first time I belly danced and posted it to the blog.

Follaback Girl
The post that I thought would piss off most of my fellow bloggers. With video. In which Ember didn't open her mouth with chewed banana in it like we'd planned. It still pisses me off a little when I watch it. What kid doesn't want to open their mouth with food in it?

This is where I teach you the one Arabic word that can be used sarcastically in any sentence. For any reason.

Where in the World…?
It's a travel game. I give you clues, you guess where in the world we travelled to.


The Shit
Yes, it's a whole blog post about that one time I shit my pants. Ok, those times.

Why I Like My Dogs More Than My Teenagers
I think the title pretty much says it all here.

Party People
The different characters that always seem to show up at a party.

My Codependent Relationship
The first time I ever wrote about my struggles with codependence.

Emergency 911
How my husband almost died last October. No joke. The first in a three part series.

Sexy Nurse
I'm nursing my husband back to health with the help of the doctor's prescription.

Left Brain / Right Brain
How nearly losing my husband led me to self publishing.

I hope these keep you entertained until I return.  At which time I may or may not have some tan lines.  

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