Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Favorite Things

Dude, I know I'm not Oprah.  If I was I could afford to jack up my sinking house and get new windows that shut.  In fact, I could blow up my house and start from fresh, right after that extended trip to Thailand with nannies in tow to deal with the whining kids.  Anyway, this is a post of some of my favorite things.

My Chuck Taylors.  Love them even without any arch support they're still are my favorites.  Just not for trail running away from a bear or anything like that cause they don't have great traction.

While I hate lipstick, I love eyeliner.  This is Sonia Kashuk's olive suede pencil.  An unexpected and fun neutral of sorts for brown eyes.  You're welcome!

I got this sunscreen from my dermatologists office.  He says zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the best sunscreen agents.  And while my doc is a bit creepy, he's totally right on this one.  It doesn't make me break out and has incredible coverage for your face.  I just don't want to be alone in a room with him again.

Bought this skin peel at Whole Foods.  It is gentle, yet effective.  Just don't do an apricot scrub first and a Retin-A application afterward, unless you want to look like an enormous flake.  Duh!

Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents.  Which is why I infrequently burn this candle.  Because I want to save it and savor the smell for just the right occasion.  Which hopefully isn't my funeral.

All purpose cleaner that smells like ginger.  I don't know how it cleans, I'm not big on cleaning.  But, I love the way it smells when someone accidentally hits the trigger whilst clamoring through the cleaning closet to get the rug cleaner because the dogs have diarrhea.  Again.  It's like aromatherapy.  If you can smell that shit over the smell of shit of course.

These are the funky napkins we get at World Market and use every dinner.  Well, some of us.  The kids don't because they prefer to use their hands or shirt sleeves.  Every freakin' dinner.

Frozen pomegranate seeds.  Because really?  Who's going to take the time to scrape all those seeds out and freeze them in a bag convenient to put in your yogurt or salads?  Not me.

Thai food.  I can't get enough Thai food.  So if I'm not at my neighborhood Thai place, Na Rai, getting the Thai basil eggplant with tofu, I'm making something similar-ish at home.  And no, the kids don't like eggplant, tofu or Thai food.

I've eliminated soda from my diet, but every once in a while (ok, every day) I want some bubbles and a little pick me up.  This is it.  Not the grapefruit one though, that one is gross.  Trust me, I tried it.

These are made out of recycled wood.  They're beautiful, light weight so you don't get a free ear stretching and they're good for the environment.  So you're not so much being vain, but single handily saving the world by wearing them.

I can barely stay awake during a movie, but this is one of my favorites that I've actually watched to the end.  Both funny and smart and for some reason, never made it big.  It's the underdog of movies.  Which makes me love it even more!

There are so many books I love, this is one in that long list.  Written by a first time Indy author.  There's nothing funny about this besides the fact that my mother-in-law hijacked my copy and is now holding it ransom in Florida.  Remember, buy your own damn copy people!

And last, one of the kids broke my veggie peeler.  Thank god, cause I got this new Giada one from Target and a love it!  The organic carrot from our local neighborhood community garden was awesome too!

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any compensation or kickbacks for endorsing any of these products.  Because then I would have mentioned how much I love Gap Body underwear.  But, I didn't.  So clearly, I'm still a struggling writer who's never gotten paid for anything.  Yet.


Joy Page Manuel said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Marie! My peeler is from Ikea and the closest one from here is 3.5hrs away (Atlanta). It's good to know I can run to Target for a new one! I also love the scent of ginger so I think I'm ready for you to send me one bottle of that cleaner ;-))))

Leah Griffith said...

Marie, I am totally honored to have made your "favorite things" list! No, you're not Oprah, and I'm not Deepok Chopra, but hell, we have our own thing going here! LOL! Thank you;)


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