Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mission Impossible

We'd made it to Utah with one mission. 

Meeting our friends the Greens from Morocco there was vital.

We climbed to the tops of mountains using chains so we wouldn't plunge to our deaths.

And took in the view from the top of Zion National park.

We waded through the waters of the narrows.

Hiked through Bryce Canyon, which we learned wasn't even a canyon at all.  So I felt kinda gyped.

We endured bad local food when all we wanted was a panguitch.  I mean sandwich.  Panguitch was the town and it rhymes with sandwich.  So confusing...

Some of us got stuck in the brambles along the way.  Although, I won't say who.

Others got well, detained.

Or violated by a photo op looking directly into the sun.

We had to step over this dead guy.

And avoided the come-ons of this mangy stray cat.

We considered branding each other with "IZ" like a blood brother kinda thing.  And people would be like what "IZ" that?  Dude, that "IZ" so cool!

I desperately wanted to steal this mug of the owners of the house we rented.   Yes, The Grinch and Paula Dean (well....back in her younger, slimmer, happier days that is....)

But no, none of this was what we were here for.  Our sole mission was to "pants" the Green family with lingerie pants we found in the dumpster in Zambia when we were on safari a year and a half ago together.

After covertly planting the pants in their luggage we sent them a picture (much less appropriate than this one...I so wish I could post, but I can't)  to claim our victory.  You have been violated!


2 comments: said...

Glad you enjoyed your sandwich in Panguich...Just don't try it trice by eating in Bryce!

BLissed-Out Grandma said...

That was a lot of hiking and climbing just to sneak some pants into someone's luggage! You did see some incredible sights, though.


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