Thursday, February 18, 2016


I've always been consistent.   I consistently work hard.  I'm also dependable, friendly,  easy-going, level-headed, substantive, witty, insightful, humble and authentic.  And it's my Achilles' heel.  Because there is nothing more thankless in our society than being inaudibly consistent.

Consistency breeds obscurity.

In this day and age, it's not enough to do something well.  That'll only get more work dumped in your lap.  And don't expect it to come with more recognition or more compensation.   Because that won't happen.   Want to get noticed?  Have you ever considered becoming an erratic, irrational, inconsistent, antagonistic, vociferous, pompous asshole?  It just seems to work for so many people.  Donald Trump and Kanye West for example.   

The squeaky wheel does get the grease after all. 

People love assholes.  It's totally true.  Maybe they love to hate them.   Maybe they just love to watch the shit-show that follows these assholes.  Does it even matter why?   The thing is, the more wayward you are, the more people appreciate you (publicly) when you (finally) do something well.  I mean especially after all those screw ups.

It's so inequitable!

Until I think about how I treat my kids.  And realize that my kid who's consistent, consistently gets the least of my attention because I'm consistently giving it to her squeaky wheel siblings.   

Cause I'm a hypocrite.  
But,  I'm a consistent hypocrite.  

1 comment:

Joy Page Manuel said...

I'd rather be consistently ignored than be in the league of Trump and West. Eeeek!! (Intriguing thoughts though!)


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