Monday, September 7, 2015

The Non-Social Life

Although I'm a steadfast introvert, I really do like people.  Really.  A lot in fact.  Just not convention halls full of people.  Or conventions or festivals in general.  I just need to balance my sociability with enough alone time to ponder the meaning of life and contemplate how the world could be. When all of these things are in balance and I'm invited to a very small social event with very good friends early in the evening, cause I'm not a late night person, then I can actually kinda pull off social.  Sorta.  Although these days I don't even have much opportunity anymore.

 Because, I have bequeathed my social life to my kids. 

I know what you're going to say.  "You have to be dead to bequeath something, Marie."  And I would say, "But my social life IS dead!"  So there.  The thing is, I was always the social director for the family.  Trying to find things to keep the masses occupied and entertained.  Until one day, I was abruptly let go.  But the thing is, no one even told me I was fired.  And there was no 2 week grace period or severance package.   Nothing.  As if my years of hard work didn't mean anything.  Like they didn't even happen!   

Now I've got a new job, with more responsibility & less pay.

And what's less than free?  Gas money.  And food waste because you thought all the kids were going to be home for dinner.  But then they're not, cause they have plans with their friends.  So and so's mom will be there in 5 minutes to pick them up.  And you know that fun weekend away at a friend's house in Frisco for Labor Day you planned for the family?  Nope.  Cause now you have to work around your oldest's work schedule.   Oh...and he needs to be picked up at 11pm.  Which I'll be doing in my jammies with a little drool and a crease on my face from falling asleep on the couch.  Again.

I've officially been demoted to chauffeur of my kids' social lives.


Shelia Booth said...

Welcome. We've been waiting for you. Say the over scheduled moms everywhere. We meet on Thursdays with wine at 3:47 AM. Our ONLY unscheduled moment.

Marie Loerzel said...

@sheila-Dammit, I can't make it at that time! But, maybe 4:00-4:05 we could face time or something...

Sine said...

LOL. So very true.


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