Monday, August 24, 2015

Deep Thoughts by Bonnie & Clyde

With my kids back in school, I have all day at home alone.  Except I'm not alone, because I have the company of my two labs, Bonnie & Clyde.  And I often wonder what they think about (me) during the day.

Bonnie:  She's a klutz, so there's a good chance she's going to drop food on the floor.  Stations!

Clyde:  We'll just rummage the kitchen counters and the trash when she leaves for the store.

Bonnie:  When is she going to clean up these dog fur tumbleweeds all over the house anyway?

Clyde:  She's going pee, she must want me to watch her, cause that's what she does to me.

Bonnie:  How many times a day can a human pee anyway?  She seriously interrupting my nap time.

Clyde:  I'll get in the car,  if you promise me we're not going to the vet.

Bonnie:  I pooped,  now pick it up human slave.

Clyde:  Look a squirrel!  (We think he has ADD.)

Bonnie:  Why does she baby talk me?  I understand English.  Walk.  Food.  Outside.  Food.

Clyde:  Did she feed us yet?  That Tupperware lid looks delicious.  So does the library DVD case.

Bonnie:  I don't care what she says, I don't snore.

Clyde:  I don't like the looks of that mailman.  Biker.  Runner.  Deer.  Dog.  Walker.  I'll protect her.

Bonnie:  She's going to be so proud of me when I bring her this dead bunny.

Clyde:  God, did you smell that?  And she thinks my farts stink!

Bonnie:  Why is she taking pictures of us?  Again.

Clyde:  Rub my belly!  Rub my butt!

Bonnie: Oh god, don't try to spoon me!  It's just really weird and awkward when she does that.

Clyde: Spoon me!   Rub my belly!  Rub my butt!  Look a squirrel!

These have been Deep Thoughts by Bonnie & Clyde


joeh said...

Very funny, and probably spot on.

Marie Loerzel said...

@Joeh-I think so too! said...

So glad you speak ARF!

Joy Page Manuel said...

Maybe this is why we don't have a dog, or any pet for that matter. I might discover other 'skills' that might make me too awesome! Hheheheheh..... Loved this, Marie!


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