Thursday, April 9, 2015


Not so long ago I read the results of a dating survey on the world's sexiest accent.  And I must admit I was intrigued.  And I was positive the winner was Australian.  Or South African.  Because those are at the top of my own personal list.   But no, neither one of my favorites was deemed the most attractive.  Which means, they obviously picked the wrong 11,000 people to survey.  Especially to come up with the number one spot going to...


What?  I just hear Austin Powers.  Or every drunk guy in Gibraltar.  (There's a lot of them.)  And ewwwwww, it's revolting.  That's not the most shocking though.  The MOST shocking one to me was in the number 2 slot.  


Whaaaaaaatttttttttt?  And which particular American accent are we talking here.  Jersey?  Or even worse, Boston?  What about a southern drawl?  Or Hawaiian?  Because they're completely different.  But, not one of them is "sexy".  Maybe because I am American.  And I've lived enough places to have heard them all and nothing accentuates an accent more than context.  

So with that, here's my accent:

My non-accent just accentuates my goofiness.
What does yours accentuate?

Because I know you're curious, these countries round out the list: 
3.   Irish
4.   Australian 
5.   French 
6.   Italian
7.   Spanish
8.   Scottish 
9.   Latin American
10. Scandinavian


joeh said...

It's Irish for me.

And HEY! Jersey is sexy!

Penelope said...

People say British accent in first place because they're thinking of the classy Masterpiece Theatre type British accent. Most Brits don't speak with that accent. Also, most foreigners don't understand a real Cockney or Northern English or Scottish accent. However, it's great to have a British accent in the U.S. Opens many doors. Always said that I could easily be a con woman or con "lady" because everyone thinks that because of my English accent, I can be trusted. Haha. If they only knew.

Marie Loerzel said...

@Joeh-Irish is in my top 10. And sorry, but Jersey is in my bottom 10.

Joy Page Manuel said...

Well, I love your non-accent accent! I live in the South and I'd probably get stoned for saying this but I'm not a fan of a really strong southern accent. I mean, some accent can be charming..maybe. But I once had to talk to a man with some crazy ass strong southern accent and I couldn't understand a word he was saying. NOT. ONE. WORD. And sorry, but I agree that the British accent is sexy/attractive, hehehe....American, nope, I don't get it. I think I have some accent / Filipino-American accent, but some Americans disagree. Whatever, as long as they can understand me. ;-)

SaltyBug said...

I am Australian but I only like the polished Aus accent. I love English if it's Mr Darcy speaking. I'm a sucker for the Irish, Scottish, French, Italian, Spanish....gosh I sound like a tart!


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