Monday, September 29, 2014

Indian Summer

We had such a cool and wet summer it was much more like a Moroccan winter.  But now that it's near the end of September, almost October, the weather is finally hot and dry and we can get out and enjoy beautiful Colorado.  Because it's Indian summer.  Although I'm sure that term is politically incorrect and I should be calling it either criss-cross apple sauce summer or Native American summer, but I'm not even sure which.  So I'm not going to do either, I'm just going to show you some gorgeous pictures.  Plus, this way you get to experience our 5 mile hike up to Raspberry Mountain sans whining.  Enjoy!

Maybe I should invest in actual hiking boots...

We were a tad lost off trail when I took this pic.

They may look like moutain rescue dogs in their packs,
but let me assure you they are NOT.
They need to be rescued from their own wandering ways!

Good thing they're cute especially with an aspen leaf
stuck to his nose.

I bet he's bragging about how tall he is to the other trees,
what an aspenhole.

Bear spray, don't leave home without it.

Don't let this crappy pic fool you, this is a
gorgeous orange color.

In the meadow making me think of a local bar called Meadow
Muffins.  Why the hell is it named that?

Yes, I forced them to take this picture, can you tell?

The view from the top was worth the whining to get there.

Ok, the above statement may be a lie.


Amy Brown said...


BLissed-Out Grandma said...

The view, the activity, the family experience, it's all good. Even the photo. Yes, I can tell you forced them to post, but holy buckets, they are getting tall!

Muriel Jacques said...

OK, that's it, I am coming your way. It looks stunning, especially compared to London...


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