Friday, September 5, 2014

Tonight We are Young

Me, trying hard not to look like I tried too hard.

I downloaded and printed out the tickets.  I'm sporting my Forever 21 jeans I scored at the thrift store.  I stuffed my driver's license in my black leather jacket, just in case.  I mean as if I'm going to get carded at an Arctic Monkeys concert.  Or anywhere else for that matter, at my advanced age.  The same advanced age that may keep me from being able to stay awake long enough to see said concert.

On the drive up to Red Rocks it started raining.  And with a naive youthful optimism that I believe is called called denial combined with comorbid unpreparedness, I commented to my husband that the rain would just blow over. It didn't.  But the lightening did.  Being wet for an outdoor concert kind of puts a damper on things.  Because damp.

But being cold and wet does keep one awake.  With all that shivering.  And numb toes.  Bonus.  So there's that.  Why did I want to come to a concert again?  With all the crowds, the late hour that would prevent me from being where I truly wanted to be, in my comfy pjs in my warm bed.....ASLEEP.  Instead, I'm inhaling second hand smoke and the eye liner and mascara I intricately applied to look rocker cool was streaming down my face.  Which did make me look kinda rockstar by the way.  So there's that.  

When the opening band started to play, even my contact second hand pot smoke high couldn't make them sound good.  Which begs the existential question:  WHY AM I HERE?  WHY AM I HERE ANYWAY?  For which there is no good answer.

Until the headliner took to the stage.  You know after a couple hours and even more rain.  And then I remembered.  How it feels to be young.  And so totally in love with a band.  With music.  With life. And to dance in the rain next to complete strangers and not have a care in the world.  For just a few moments anyway.  

The thing about youth though is it's fleeting.

So getting up this morning, with my hair smelling like smoke to a coffee pot that's on the fritz...
well, last night I was young, this morning I'm in my mid-forties and I will be in my pj's tonight (Friday night of all nights) by 6pm at the latest.   

(DISCLAIMER:  This post was written on very little sleep and a few sips of undrinkable swamp coffee. It may very well suck.  Like I'm the crappy opening band for a really awesome band or something.  I don't even care, because last night I was young.  For just a few moments anyway. )


Joy Page Manuel said...

This post made me feel sad and it's no fault of yours. I actually envy you for knowing how it feels and being young before and now, though fleeting as you said. The thing is, I don't think I was ever 'really' young. Well, actually I was. I guess I was. I went to concerts too but it's just that I've never really experienced being crazy, in a stereotypical youthful way. But I guess it's relative right? Okay I'm babbling and convincing myself. At least I feel a bit better. ;-) Hope you feel better too and are back in your comfy pj's now.

The Loerzels said...

@ Joy-I get it! When I was younger, I actually acted much older and didn't allow myself to have fun. I was too serious and too driven. It's never too late to change you ways :)

joeh said...

I was never that young.

Amy Brown said...

I think music makes us ageless...especially music at Red Rocks. I realized I was old-trying-to-be-young when I found myself wondering if my toddler would enjoy a Florence and the Machine concert there. ;-)

Leah Griffith said...

Back in the day smoking pot made the cold and rain seem like an interesting part of the experience. I haven't smoked pot in over 30 years, neither have I gone to an outdoor concert. The two are related;)


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