Monday, September 8, 2014

Narrow Minded

My husband's visual demo of my narrow-mindedness
 in the narrows at Zion last year
We were talking about music when he told me.  Just blurted it out and I was taken aback.  "You're narrow minded."  Just like that.  Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaatttttttt?  It can't be true!  Wait.  Let me think for a second. Oh my god, it's totally true.  I'm narrow minded!  How can this be?

In my defense, I'm an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality test.  The fact that I judge things, well, I was just born this way.   SOOOOOOO..... IT'S NOT MY FAULT!  YOU CAN'T JUDGE ME FOR BEING NARROW MINDED!  Unless you can.  And I guess you can.  Because I don't want to be a hypocrite on top of being narrow minded.  Duhhhhhhh.

My narrow-mindedness is even narrow in scope.  It doesn't apply to society in general, as I'm extremely liberal politically.  My judgements are far more personal.  

Like the music I enjoy.  Which was the reference to my husband's original comment.  I only enjoy music that is thought provoking, intricately composed and hand crafted by artisans.  I don't enjoy crap someone spit out with stupid ass lyrics only carried by a sick beat, a bad reputation or simply because they're pretty and/or odd in some way.  In other words, I-G-G-Y spells crap in my book.  

TV is much the same.  I don't watch any fictional shows.  I'm sure there's good ones out there, but I just can't get myself to watch them.  Not when there's so many good non-fictional choices.  Like Frontline, The Daily Show, Chopped, Through the Wormhole, American Ninja Warrior and a whole glorious channel devoted to History.   HISTORY I SAID!

And stuff?  Well I like my stuff old and cheap. Kinda like me.  So thrift stores?  YEESSSSSS.  Coach purses?  NOOOOOOOO.  Unless I found the coach purse at a thrift store for say $5.  Then score!  I'd just rather save my money for experiences.

But not in Las Vegas.  Where everything I hate is one place.  Bright, flashy, up-all night, crowded, excessive, frivolous, celebrity worshipping crap.  Not that I've ever been.  Cause I haven't, nor do I want to go in order to prove myself right.  Because as a narrow minded person, I know I'm right without actually having any first hand experience.  Which is awesome because it saves both time and money.  

And I'm a big fan of time.  Time spent cooking, hiking, sleeping, alone, reading, writing, walking (in practical, comfortable shoes of course),  traveling off the beaten path, learning, ruminating, nagging my family and being in a small group of  good friends for short bursts of time.  

Oh my god, I'm a narrow minded snob!  Unless I'm Andy Rooney.  And I'm not even sure which one is worse.  I'm going to have to ruminate on that.  Maybe a walking meditation off the beaten path in comfy shoes that gets me home at a reasonable hour so I can watch 60 Minutes would be best.


joeh said...

"I'm going to have to ruminate on that." Ruminate? What are you 90?

Oops sorry, was that narrow minded of me?

I hate Vegas also, and I've been there, saves you the trip.

BLissed-Out Grandma said...

INFJ? Well, that explains it. My license plate declares that I'm MS INTJ, though few recognize that, I'm sure. Anyway, making judgements does not make us narrow-minded. It makes us, you know, decisive. BUT when combined with an F, it means your decisions are based on your feelings. You (as a group) see your feelings as a pretty good form of authority. When a T (thinking-based person) tries to reason with you, you don't need to reason, because you have your Feeling about the issue. I had two INFJ employees and I thought they were impossibly stubborn until I learned to say, "I see that you feel that way, but here's what I feel." Which was hard, because I didn't feel it, I thought it. Long way of saying you aren't necessarily any more narrow-minded that something who bases decisions on thought and logic, but they will often think you are.

BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Last sentence: *than someone*

Joy Page Manuel said...

Since you put it that way, well, I guess I'm narrow-minded too. However I love going to Vegas, not to gamble and shop (heck no, it's so expensive). But to EAT! There are a ton of good Filipino and other Asian restaurants out there that we always end up having a good time whenever we visit. I know every 'star' chef has also decided to open restaurants there but I'm a believer that 'star' doesn't always = good food. can go either way. To make the long story short, I am a food snob for sure / very narrow-minded when it comes to food. I'm sure I'm a snob about other things but maybe not as much as you since I watch fiction tv? hehehe..... ;-)

Penelope J said...

You're just you being you. Having your own likes and dislikes. And I agree absolutely with your music choices. If not going along with the mass trend toward a certain kind of music or entertainment makes you narrow-minded, it also makes you an individual rather than one of the bunch. In that context, I'd much rather be labeled narrow-minded.

The Loerzels said...

@ Joeh-I really think I'm a 70 year old man in a 40 something year old woman's body if you must know.
@BOG- My husband is an INTJ. Thank god his T balances my F.
@Joy-Sounds delish, but it's too far and therefore expensive for me to go to eat.
@ Penenlope-Hear! Hear! There's lots o' crap out there!

Janine said...

I really myst do this myers briggs thing to find out what I am!


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