Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Body Image Post

I'm almost 45 and the most fit I've ever been.  Achieved through nothing less than hard work and making a commitment to staying healthy every day.   So when I recently saw some professional photos of a friend, I thought maybe I'd like to get some done.  So I started researching "boudoir photos".  And for 24 hours, I considered it.  Until I realized, this kind of photo isn't me.  Lingerie and lots of make-up aren't my thing.   Maybe that was the temporary appeal of it all, to feel and look like someone else.  Someone I'm not. 

Gabrielle Reece
Then, I asked myself what it was I really wanted out of this whole photo shoot thing.  And the answer is, I want to accept myself for the way I am: short legs, small chest, thin straggly hair with receding hairline, a giraffe neck, accompanied by an extremely long cheekboneless face with a big chin and forehead.  By seeing my body for what it is and what it can do.  Not my body in comparison to other women.  And not to make anyone else feel inadequate, but to send the message that with dedication and sweat equity, anything is possible. Especially in your forties and beyond.  Especially for my daughters.  Especially in a world of feigned photoshop perfection.

Malia Jones
The women I find the most attractive are those that live their passion and push themselves beyond their limits.  Doing it with a sense of grace that makes it appear effortless but only comes from failing a million times over only to get up and try again.  Women who don't cover up their flaws, but instead flaunt them and the imperfections that make them beautiful.    These are the women I want my daughters to look up to and emulate.  Which is exactly why I'm going to stay true to myself.

 Never been a fan of lingerie. I like comfy, cotton underwear dammit!
And stilettos? I'll stick to my chucks, thank you very much.

But, who knows, if a photo opportunity for a natural over 40, non-surgically enhanced fitness model who's really uncomfortable in front of the camera comes along, maybe I'll take it.   But, I definitely won't be sitting around waiting for that to happen.  I've got pole moves to master and Jillian Michael's ass to kick.  


The Zerns said...

Marie, maybe boudoir photos aren't for you, but have you considered finding a photographer that does fitness/bodybuilder photos? Girl, you are RIPPED! I've seen the pics and videos you've posted with re: to the pole dancing. You're hot! When people look at you, I don't think they see the "scrawny" or the "skinny" woman that you see in the mirror. It's hard to reconcile the image you see. As a former "fatty" I KNOW I'm not her anymore but I see her every time I look in the mirror. We both need to get over it because you're hotter than you want to recognize!!!! Show it off!!!!

Marie Loerzel said...

@Abby-Thank you, but my point is, we as women ALL see the flaws and not our own beauty. We compare ourselves and look at our uniqueness as inferior. There was a cosmetic ad (of all things) several years ago, "What makes you different makes you beautiful."
And I love that Dove ad where women describe themselves and a guy sketches their descriptions and then compared it to the real woman and the sketch looked horrible and the woman beautiful.

Leah Griffith said...

Great post, Marie. You look amazing, and you are a great role model for those girls of yours. I love how you stay vulnerable and laugh at your own flaws. This makes it possible for me to be myself with you without feeling insecure. Thank you for that.

The older I get the tougher it is to accept myself with all the flaws that aging creates. I need to work extremely hard to stay fit, especially with the health issues I've been experiencing, and the extra 20 lbs I've gained in the past year. It's no longer a vanity thing. It's a health thing.
I do love myself—even in this plumped up and wrinkled state;) I've let my hair grow, and I'm experimenting with scarves;)

Marie Loerzel said...

@ Leah- You Leah, are one of those women who's beauty emanates from your soul and shines from the inside out. You are a treasure plumped, wrinkled, scarves and all!


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