Thursday, January 2, 2014

Purple Haze

It was beyond time.  To convert the basement play room into a teen zone.  We'd kept it secret for months.  Stowing away a flat screen tv, acquiring furniture and dorking out over ordering posters.  It was the kids' Christmas gift from my husband and me.   Our gift was selling and moving the skee ball machine that resided there in order to make room, paint the room and move a very big, very heavy sectional couch with jagged exposed staples on the bottom.  It was an exhausting 2 days, kinda like on the show Trading Spaces, but with 4 whiney kids who have no concept how to paint.

While we're on the subject of paint, the color was extremely controversial.  
"I've got it.  Purple.  It'll go with everything in the room and make it come together."  I declared.
"Purple?" Was the consensus.
While we were painting it on the wall and my other 5 painters were disgusted, it hit me.  
"OMG, this is brilliant!  Do you get it?  (insert flailing arms here) It's purple haze!!!!"  I said proudly.

We already had the poster.  It was sheer totally accidental genius.  Genius I tell you!

Our rock band equipment is now hung up on the wall ready for a jam session.  I realize this set up also makes it convenient for the kids to grab one and smash it over another kid's head in a drunken root beer brawl though...

Here's the drum set which is directly below the kitchen. We need to sound proof the room now.  And we'll do that after we paint this wall grey sometime between now and before our kids give us grandchildren.

Which could be sooner rather than later, because we've provided them with a make-out couch.  WHAT the hell were we thinking?  Maybe we should put a cologne/condom dispenser in the bathroom downstairs.  Just to go with the whole rock and roll theme.  Oh my god….we could have graffiti on the walls.  For a good time call Jenny 867-5309.  I'm not condoning any of this behavior by the way.  It's winter break, I'm entitled to cling to my inappropriate fantasies to entertain myself….

Once we finish painting, we'll hang Janis up on the wall.  The kids didn't even know who this was.  One of my kids said this looked like a young version of Ember's elementary school principal.  What the hell are they teaching our kids in school nowadays?

Everyone needs a Nirvana poster with Kurt Cobain picking his nose.  I just hope there aren't any boogers smeared on the wall.

And you knew The Clash had to be represented right?

For Christmas I got Craig a turntable and asked my sister to send old albums from my dad's basement.

And every half-Canadian girl needs her Bob and Doug McKenzie record.  Which I thought my boys would love, but they're like what do we do while we listen to this?  You use your imagination like we did in the 60's, 70's & 80's.  Or is that out of style now?


BLissed-Out Grandma said...

That is a great gift for your kids, and I'm sure they will use it, um, judiciously. Ii love all your rock posters. We've had the grandkids listening to the Who, the Stones, The Band, Janis, and Arlo Guthrie for a while now. They should dig their cultural history, right? said...

Perfect. Now, you can add that little extra that Colorado so affords you- and make it a complete purple haze location...

The Loerzels said...

@ BOG-That's awesome! The Who….must get my hands on some Pinball Wizard…
@ Roy-There will be none of that. My oldest gets enough second hand smoke in the bathroom and on the bus to high school.

Joy Page Manuel said...

You are such cool parents! I think your kids are gonna be okay, as long as you don't hang a Miley Cyrus twerking with tongue wagging poster in there. ;)

Muriel Jacques said...

Well, it certainly looks like you had a busy Christmas! So, did they like it in the end? nb: I love love love The Clash


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