Monday, January 13, 2014

My Brilliant Marketing Scheme

Now that the book is published and the holidays are over, it's time to enact my brilliant marketing scheme.  Because I am self published, I am a one woman show.  Nothing is going to happen without me making it happen.  This is the part of the whole of going it alone that has terrified me.  Sure I liked being in control of everything up until this part.  But, now?  Well, there is no brilliant marketing scheme.  I'll just be making it up as I go.

When I look back, this is the most perfect ending to Rock the Kasbah.  Me forced to promote me.  The ultimate test of believing in myself.  Needing other people to help me.  And me asking for and accepting help.  I can't believe I ever pursued publishers and agents now.  Albeit in a totally half-assed way, where I didn't even allow them enough time to consider me before I moved forward.

I confess, I don't know a damn thing about marketing.  I've never read a book or taken a class.  But, that's the same thing with writing.  I never took a creative writing class.  I'm not an English Lit major.  In fact, write in sentence fragments and I'm completely spelling challenged.  And I'm further going to confess that I don't understand a lick of Shakespeare without an interpreter to translate that shit for me.  Not that I would voluntarily read Hamlet or anything.  Because I totally wouldn't.

My point is, I now know, I can do this.  By doing everything I've done throughout this process.  Taking it a step at a time, being authentically me and doing it my way.  Which more than likely means breaking some rules along the way.  You know, the stupid ones.  But, of course, I need your help.


1.  If you like the book, share it.  Loan your copy to a friend.  

2.  Write a review on or Barnes and

3.  Post a link to your Facebook page.

4.  Like Rock the Kasbah on Facebook. 

5.  Ask for your local library to carry it.   (You will need its ISBN number:  978-0-9912036-0-4)

6.  Suggest your book club read it.  (There are book club questions at the end of the book even.)

7.  I'm sure there's something really great I could add here, but I can't think of anything.  So this one is fill in the blank _________________________________________________________________. 


I'm very excited to announce what I'm going to do with the first month's royalties when I get them!

To be announced soon….

Stay tuned!


BLissed-Out Grandma said...

One thing I found relatively easy to do with my first book was to search the internet using various key words. I found sites where people were interested in knowing about the book. I had a snazzy description and a short excerpt ready in case they wanted one or the other. Your idea about book clubs is a great one. Radio talk shows are a good way to sell a book but totally unpredictable and hard to do for us introverts. I'm reading it now and enjoying it. said...

I've already done a lot of that. But, it's great advice for anyone to trying to make their book soar... and Grandma (really?) above had more great advice.
Wonderful share!

Janine said...

I want a paper copy, so it's on my list to purchase :) then I will share physically too :)

Muriel Jacques said...

Well, it sounds like you have a plan...Let us know how it goes...

Joy Page Manuel said...

How about you do a crazy and funny video on Youtube which can potentially go viral? Then soon after you'd be guesting in all morning talk shows to promote your book! It's worth giving it a shot right? Good luck Marie! You can 'hack' this!

Amanda_MyGlassSlippers said...

Congratulations on self-publishing! Best of luck with the promotions, looks like you have a good plan of action in place.


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