Tuesday, May 28, 2013


"It's summertime and the living is easy..."


I look forward to summer all year.  It hasn't even been a week yet, and I have no freakin' idea what I was thinking.  Because it only takes one day, usually one spent at the pool, to flood back to me.

I'll meticulously pack for the pool.  And every time I will come home with one less towel.  Did one of the kids leave it in the bathroom, the volleyball court, throw it up in a tree?  Or did we just enter the freakin' Twilight Zone because I can't find it anywhere!

(Subsequent trips to the pool will be meticulously searching the lost and found for said towel to no avail.  Because there never is an avail around when you need one.)

The kids whine about sun screening.  They only want the spray kind that costs about $10/ bottle and only lasts one trip to the pool with our family of 6.  Maybe.

Then because they have no school, they want a popsicle every day or candy.  Plus, because they're home all day, they graze all freakin' day.  The kitchen is a nightmare.

Oh, they said they'd make their own lunch and clean up after it, but I had to nag them the whole time.

In fact, because they are home all the time, the house is even more of a mess (as if that was even possible) strewn with bike helmets and dirty socks.

I thought they'd wear flip flops all summer so there wouldn't be any more dirty socks laying under the kitchen table, the living room, the office, the basement.  Everywhere.  THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!

So I need to devote at least 2 to 3 hours of my day to nagging.

I do not enjoy nagging.

My kids seems to love it though.

They also seem to love watching me do my Jillian Michaels dvds.  I get really pissy when I do them without air conditioning in my hot house and it gives me a great view under the desk where I find even more dirty socks.

I wish it was the missing towels, but no, I'll never find those.

And forget swim goggles.  Those are even more frustrating than towels.  I would stop buying them altogether, but two of my kids are on the swim team.

Did I mention that swim team is at 6am every week day morning?  Did I???

And the worst thing about summer?  "What can I doooooooooooooooooo?"  And it's already started.

You can do my Jillian Michaels work out, pick up the socks, find the towels, sunscreen yourself and make a great dinner, eat it outside and refrain from whining that there are bees buzzing about and clean up after it.

That's what you can freakin' do!

(Need I remind you, my kids haven't even been out of school for a whole week yet....)


The Zerns said...

School ended here in Mesa, AZ last Thursday and by yesterday that same phenomenon happened here. More whining, different topic! We had a VERY fortunate set of circumstances that enabled the boy to say busy with activities all at each day. Today, the nightmare begins. I give up. I'm going to the gym now.

Cerebrations.biz said...

Something I no longer have to worry about...
How many days until the first day of school?

Chantel said...

Dear Lord--mine are out the 31st. *sigh*

(I'm a little hard core about the bored thing though, they know that if they utter that word in my presence, I will give them a chore to do--either shut up or pick up dog poo!)

The Loerzels said...

@ Abbi-Good for you!
@ Roy-83 and a half
@ Chantel-Savor it!

Sine said...

Ditto. All of this is absolutely 100% true. Except it sounds so much funnier when I read about it happening at your house rather than my house.


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