Monday, May 6, 2013

It's a Small World

I've made many attempts at homemade pizza, but none of them have been very successful.  The crust is pivotal. A bit chewy yet crispy is the goal.  After spending a fortune the night before on Boriello Brothers delivery, I was determined to make a cheaper, healthier pizza at home.  On the grill.  That's why I made a run to Whole Foods that afternoon.  And when I saw something that totally cracked me up.  So I did what I do.  Took a picture.

It was just left of the sushi in the refrigerated section.  Ready made dough with millet, cornmeal, rye, soy and flax in it.  I mean I've made a lot of pizza crusts, usually just plain old whole wheat.  Because I don't have a whole arsenal of multiple grains at my disposal.  Because I'm much, much too lazy for that.  Which is why I'm cheating and buying ready made dough to make "homemade" pizza in the first place.

When I got home I showed the picture on my camera to Craig who also thought it was hilarious.  Then I downloaded it and posted it to Facebook and Twitter.  Because when I find things funny I want to share them.  What can I say?  I'm a giver.  This is what I posted with the caption beneath it.

Apparently I was behind David Archuletta's mom today in traffic. Because who else would have these bumper stickers?

First, who has bumper stickers on their car anymore? Besides my husband of course.  It's not the 1980's anymore. Nowadays, bumper stickers have been replaced by those stupid stick figure people in the windows that proclaim how big your family is.  Oh,  don't forget Fido.  Which seems like a really weird competition of how many mammals you can keep alive under one roof or something.  And really people?  The Duggars have won.  So, give it up already.  Second, who knew David Archuletta was still making music and just put out a new album?  Anyone?  

"What if it catches on fire?" Ember asked as I prepared the sauce and loaded a heaping pile of spinach on top of the pizza. Well, that would be an exciting Saturday night.  But it didn't.  Instead, the flames crisped the dough to a slightly charred perfection.  It turned out to be one of those annual events where the whole family agreed.  The pizza was awesome.  Even better than Boriello Brothers.  And at a fraction of the cost and delivered way faster. We basked in the afterglow.
The evidence

It wasn't until the next morning when I got on the computer that I saw my picture had been retweeted several times.  Unbelievably, it managed to be tweeted to the owner of the car in the photo. No, I'm not even  kidding.  Now,  I know what you're thinking.  NO, it wasn't David Archuletta's mom!  Can you even believe it?  Apparently, there is this whole big David Archulleta group on Twitter.  Again, who knew?

Their reaction was completely unexpected.  Instead of being mad, I became a potential convert into Archulletaism.  They offered me kind words and cd's.  In fact they were so nice they scared me a little. This left me feeling guilty enough to google a song of his just to try it out.  You know, just this once.  It just didn't feel right for this ardent realist teetering on pessimism (depending on the day) to listen to such optimistic music. So, it's just not meant to be.  We're just not right for each other.  It's not that he's not talented.  He is.  But, clearly, it's not him.   It's me.   I'm more of a Chris Cornell girl.  I wonder if there's a twitter group for him.  Or a bumper sticker I could put on my car.  


Joy Page Manuel said...

What can I say? You're really just meant to be popular no matter what you do, where you go, what you post! (And seriously, he has a new album??? Sorry but I was rooting for David Cook at the time). ;-)

The Loerzels said...

@ Joy-That's hilarious because I have never been popular ever. And new album? EXACTLY!

Abby said...

Are you serious? I was quite distracted by the pizza part of the story, but umm...that's kind of amazing! And small world, is right. You never know who you'll run into next...

The Loerzels said...

@ Abby- And that's not even as amazing as this story from a few months ago which again is completely true.


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