Monday, September 19, 2011

Week of Style

Recently I was reading someone else's blog. Mom's The Word, to be exact. Never before I have I stole an idea from another blogger, until now. You see, she did this post on the what she wore all week long. It was a cute post, mostly because she looked well, really cute. I'm always envious of people that dress well because, I don't. I don't wear things that need to be ironed. I don't do my hair. I don't wear uncomfortable shoes. I don't accessorize and I rarely deodorize.

I am a creature of comfort. I think most Americans are. But I would guess that they are in a sweat pants kinda way. Not me. Sure, I've got a couple of pairs of yoga pants, but I only wear them to yoga. My go to comfort item is jeans. I wear them everyday. And yes, sometimes I wear the same pair several days in a row. And I mean several, as in more than a couple and a few. Somehow I believe that other people don't actually notice that. But, now that I just confessed, I'm sure they will. Or they'll confess that they noticed a long time ago, but just didn't say anything. Out of pity or whatever.

I actually love clothes. I do.I buy cute stuff and I buy trendy stuff too. And when I buy these things I usually have the best intentions to throw out the old stuff that really, really needs to be replaced. And I'll go to throw out my old threadbare stuff and I'll get so close to throwing them out. Then, I panic and I just can't go through with it. I'll just wear them when I paint, I think. (Just so you know, I don't paint.) And then of course I'll continue to wear them until they are absolutely obscene. I'll know it's obscene when the fabic is so thin and/or ripped you can see my underwear. And then I'll wear them one more day until I, reluctantly, retire them.

Ok, so you wanna see what I mean?

Here's last week's week of style, my style. Or non-style, as the case may be...


American Eagle jeans $30 bought several years ago. (These jeans are SO soft they are my absolute favorite pair.)
Thrift Store shirt $4. (I LOVE black shirts. I've got so many, I've lost count.)
Old Navy flip flops, around $3 (These are grey, my second favorite color.)
Wet hair clipped up, free (Although I guess the clip cost something at one point. Time, energy and frustration saved by not blow drying my hair? Priceless.)
Sunglasses $5 (Yeah, they're big, dark and snobby looking but they were $5 AND they double as a headband when I'm not actually in the sun. Can you say multipurpose?)


The same American Eagle jeans (Yes, I picked them up from the floor for day 2.)
Black thrift store t-shirt $4 (This is a vintage Beetles t-shirt. While I don't really like the Beetles, this is totally my favorite t-shirt. Go figure.)
Old Navy flip flops (I'm sure you noticed these are black and not grey ones, right?)
And yes, the bad attitude and snide sarcastic look that I also wear everyday? Totally FREE!


American Eagle jeans (Yes, this is day 3. Do you know how much water/energy I'm saving by NOT washing these jeans? DO YOU? Yeah, cause I'm all environmentally friendly like that.)
Grey thrift store shirt, $4 (Yeah, it's NOT black. I wanted it to have the number 69 on it so bad cause that's my birth year and my roller derby number, but it says 68. I pondered for a long while if I actually wanted to fork out 4 bucks for it. I finally splurged.)
Old Navy flip flops (Why is it that wearing airy/breezy flip flops makes your feet stink so bad? Or is that just me?)
And am I holding my ass? Why the hell am I doing that? AWKWARD!


Levi's jeans $30 from Sears (While these jeans are hole-less, they do have a permanently faded chap stick spot on my right pocket, cause I never leave home without lip balm and I'm right-handed, duh.)
NEW Doors t-shirt from Pimkie about $15 (Yes, I actually bought a NEW t-shirt not from a thrift store because that's how much I like The Doors. Then I had to explain to my youngest that this is a boy not a girl, so it isn't in fact gross that you can see his nipples.)
Black Flip flops (They contrast so well with the grey shirt don't you think?)
Jim Morrison pose (I had to explain to my 12 year old who took this picture why I was posing like this cause he didn't get the cultural reference. Who is his generation's cultural reference? Lady Gaga?)


It's funny that even though you look in the mirror everyday, that you can go without really knowing what you look like. Then, when you see an actual photo, it's like whhhaaaattt? That's what I look like? I really didn't realize I look EXACTLY the same everyday. Why didn't someone tell me? I need to change it up. After all, I do have all this really cute stuff in my closet.

So maybe you shouldn't wear all your trendy pieces together. 'Cause that's just ridiculous. Even though I freakin' love those orange shoes, ok and that vest, and the hat. They will probably continue to just sit in my closet. Because I'm pretty sure a 41 year old dressing like a 15 year old is not trendy, it's just really stupid looking. And, I've come to realize that there's a reason why I dress like I do. Because it makes me feel like the granola crunching slacker that I am. And finally, I'm kinda comfortable with that. Sort of.


Jess said...

I have this same problem. Except with me it's jeans and white v-neck tees. Every single day. I feel your pain.

Jack Scott said...

In Turkey's oppressive heat, we wear as little as possible but just enough not to be arrested. Like you we don't iron anything, live each day in crumply shorts and flip flops.

SherilinR said...

i have about 3 pairs of favorite jeans & i kind of rotate them in an attempt to not look like i'm wearing exactly the same pants everyday. but i don't wash them for a long time either. there has to be something distinctly dirty or smelly on them to get them to the washer.
btw, at least you look cute in your slouchy uniform. and good arm tone in your jim morrison pose!

momstheword said...

Loved it! BTW, I did not create the meme. If you go back to my post and look at the linky to Lindsey's blog, you will see over 200 women who are posting what they wear each week for What I Wore Wednesday. I like to look and get ideas.

You should link your post here to her blog this Wed!

Thank you for your sweet comments! I used to wear lots of sweatshirts and tee shirts before I did the meme.

They weren't cute little tees like yours, they were big sloppy tees or sweatshirts that were too big for me but I like it that way because they were comfy. I wanted to "protect" my "good" shirts, lol!

I think that you absolutely need to wear the shoes, vest and hat together, and soon. You look adorable and I don't think you are to old to wear it. I am in my 50's and I would wear it!

momstheword said...

By the way, there are several 40 year olds and even some 50 something year olds (like me) on there and they're dressing really cute and fun!

Anna and Kim said...

Omigosh, your style has totally changed since I was with you in Morocco. I remember you as dressing in sexy black dresses for coffee breaks at the men's cafes.

The Loerzels said...

Yeah, I've given up the sexy dresses and hanging out in cafes trying to get my "shoes shined" (if that's what you want to call it) when you left.

Anna and Kim said...

BTW, the whole family LOVED the video. We were all laughing rather loudly.

Robin said...

You TOTALLY pull off the look... plus you are so cute that you don't even have to admit that age thing! I'm thinking 29, TOPS!!!

The Loerzels said...

Wow Robin! How much do I owe you?

Cathy Tittle said...

I am not a fashion maven, even though I fancied myself a future Edith Head when I was much younger. But I think you look totally cool all week. I have always dressed to please myself, and to be comfortable. Which means I am never stylin'. :D


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