Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day and Night

My kids are getting older. I know this because I just had to buy them deodorant this week. We may need to venture into pimple cream soon. And I think it's pretty imminent that there are maxi pads in our near future. In a few months, I'm going to have a teenager. How exactly did this happen?

Back in the day, my kids used to wake me up before the sun.
Now, I can't sleep past sun up and I have to pry my kids out of bed.

The kids used to follow me everywhere and I wanted just an hour or two by myself.
Today, I might get an hour or two with them between school, sports and friends.

Dinner time used to be about sharing things about our day while eating a healthy meal.
Nowadays, they share in excruciating detail what they don't like about their healthy meal.

When they were little, I taught them how to read and helped them tie their shoes.
Now that they're big, they teach me how to use the computer and help me thread a needle.

I used to have good taste in music.
Recently, my kids have informed me otherwise.

Our house rules used to seem to logical and straight forward.
Now my kids use that logic to twist random things I've said and use it in their defense.

Going out used to mean a night out for my husband and I.
These days, it's chauffeuring the kids to and from their social events.

Can things really be that day and night? The question is, where the hell was dusk? How did I miss it? Maybe it happened when I was in the bathroom trying to hold the door closed with one hand in the hopes of getting some privacy. Or was that the shower?


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how children grow up so quickly!
When I arrived as an Au Pair in Ireland, the eldest was turning 5, she was cuddling and playing with dolls. She turned 10 yesterday, she starts to wear bras and in a couple of years she will share with me her first heartbreaks.........oh my! Time is flying too fast!!!

Looks like the teenagers years are ready to start - Best of luck!!!

Sylvia said...

Made me cry.

The Loerzels said...

@ Sylvia that was my sole purpose to make you cry. I was hoping to make you cry with my decoupaging skills, but as you know I don't have any...

madsonblueeyes said...

feel the same way Marie!

Ross said...

They do grow up fast don't they! Seems like my 7yr old is going on 18yr real fast. Now it's my 4yr old who wanted to cuddle with dad before bedtime who is too old to do that now!

hocam said...

What I found the hardest was when the day came that I went to bed before the kids just to get a break. My girls now sit around the table having discussions about topics e.g. the latest scientific research, that we know nothing about. Hubbie and I keep our mouths shut and try to look intelligent. Then they borrow our car keys as they head out to dance the night away And as you say, it seemed to happen without warning.

Janine said...

I so know how you feel. I had to council my partners 14 yr old daughter in boys, dating, relationships on the giving advise on boys...hehehe. Scary stuff.

Samantha Bangayan said...

And then one day, they'll be taking *their* children to unknown lands. =) I so hope you're treasuring all these amazing moments, friend! =)

MuMuGB said...

I feel older and none the wiser. Where did all these years go? Just like you, my older one is becoming a teenager. I can't tell exactly when it all happened. Sometimes, I feel old!

my3littlebirds said...

Well at least you are done wiping their butts.
Love this...thank you for linking up. Always good to "see" you my friend.

January Dawn said...

AWW. Loved it. It made me want to steal some cuddles from my little ones.

Jen said...

It happens so quickly...I'm not ready for the deodorant and maxi-pad stage yet, but I imagine it's not too far off.


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