Monday, June 13, 2016


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It was just last month that I wrote Failing at Failure about how much of a loser I am at writing which contained a lame article I submitted for publication.  That was justifiably rejected for publication because it was forced and uninspired.  The thing with creative endeavors is they thrive on inspiration.     And you can't fake it. Well, you can, but synthetic inspiration is pretty easy to detect.  Not to mention highly flammable.  So, don't try to iron the kinks out, because the whole thing will burst into flames.

Inspiration is organic. 

It starts off as a seed blowing in the wind, before it settles bedding down in the soil of a large open field.  The sun and the rain giving it sustenance to take root and grow strong.  To become what it was destined to be.  Until one day it's harvested, transforming into something entirely new.  An unassuming comfortable cotton T-shirt.  Modest enough to be worn under something else, but yet autonomous enough to stand alone.  Confident enough not to care which you choose.  

Inspiration is timeless.  

When all the trends have stopped trending, inspiration is what remains.  It takes time and can't be rushed or pressured.  It's consistent.  Grounded in soft-spoken truths.  It cannot be denied.  

For more inspiration you can read my newly published article, How to Be a Successful Failurehere.

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