Thursday, June 16, 2016


There is nothing I truly hate, except for hate.  However, there are a myriad of things I dislike, despise and loathe.  And not to get political or anything, but I abhor Hillary Clinton pant suit blue.  Where does she even shop?  Or are those tailor made in that hideous color?  I know that color is supposed to evoke trust in her,  but I don't.  However, I trust Trump even less.  But, I don't hate either of them.  

There are two driving forces in the world.
And fear.

And fear is what fuels hate.  Fear can be born anywhere. Foreign or domestic. It really doesn't matter. It's pretty opportunistic that way.  It doesn't care about your income, religion, sexual preference or the color of your skin.  But those are the pretenses it professes.  Some people are born and bred on hate.  Some seek it out to fill a hole in their life.  Both are rooted in the absence of love.  For themselves and humanity.  Because if someone doesn't value themself, why would anyone else matter to them?  Not that this justifies anything.  

There is no justification for hateful atrocities.  

But there's also no rationalization for giving into our fears about these horrific tragedies. By building walls to keep people out.  By discriminating based on religion, race or sexual preference.  Spewing hatred right back.  Exacerbating the problem instead of seeking a viable solution.  Diversity isn't a dilemma, lack of acceptance is.  What we need to abolish is the fear of our differences.  

Because if hateful acts cause us to choose hate, 
the terrorists win.

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