Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Getaway

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Getting away used to be so easy when the kids were small and portable.  And by easy I mean I packed a million snacks, planned around nap time and factored in that I'd only be seeing kid pleasing sites, like the zoo.  Now, I still need to pack a million snacks, cause teenagers.  But, I have to plan around their school and sports schedules and then I have to factor in their social lives.  Cause I've bequeathed my social life to them.

Making a family weekend getaway damn near impossible!

Especially with four kids.  Seriously, there's a birthday party for one of my kids' friends almost every weekend. And then as soon as one sports season ends another one begins.   Then there's all the frivolous little things like getting recertified in CPR for that life guarding summer job thrown in. Which is also why we won't be going to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone over the summer break.  Because now we have to work around kids' work schedules too.  

If only my kids were antisocial, unambitious couch potatoes.  

Then we could travel all the time, instead of frantically searching for any two days strung together.  And then hopefully, my husband doesn't have to work and our dog sitter is also available.   Then maybe we'll find a destination not too close to home, but not too far away either.   Because we don't want to spend the entire getaway in the car actually getting away from home.  And it needs to have interesting stuff to do, but not too much so that we don't have time to relax.  

Because the whole point of all the stress of going is to relax.  

But, we already know it's not going to be relaxing.  Because we've done this before and nothing with four kids is relaxing.  Wait....why are we going again?  And what if the weather sucks and we have to spend the whole weekend we planned to be outside, inside?  At least we'll be somewhere else.


Mackenzie Glanville said...

Yes there is always a birthday party on! I only have 3 kids but I so get this post, it is hard to all be free as well as have pet sitter for my dog and 3 cats lol

Joy Page Manuel said...

I can never decide if I look forward to trips/vacations or not. I look forward to the destination but I always dread the trip, the preparations and all the fears a germaphobe can have. I can't imagine adding to that the difficulty of scheduling with four busy kids. Good luck, Marie!


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