Friday, January 15, 2016

The Honeymoon Period

After we crossed the border back into Chile and we stopped at a small shop, my husband, Craig, couldn't find his wallet.  It could be way back across the border in Argentina.  In which case, it was mostly likely long gone.  Except it wasn't.  After an exhaustive search, he found it and the rain stopped and the sun broke through the clouds.  And so started the honeymoon period of the trip. 

When we ventured into Torres del Paine National Park the next day we wondered why we even went to the trouble of going into Argentina chasing Los Glaciares National Park in the first place.  Because Chile boasted mountains and beautiful glaciers too.  

And we could take a boat ride to see them, just like we planned to do in Argentina.  

The one family photo we got the entire trip.  

And yes, taking photos of my kids, never mind posting them, still requires their photo approval.

For more on that, you can read my post from our trip to Thailand last year,
Photo Approval, about the challenges of capturing pictures of my kids on that trip.

Before we knew it we were returning the camper van and leaving Chile.  

Oh, I lied, this is the other family shot of us crammed in the van,  before flying back to Argentina.  

Where I finally found some fruit, poolside even.  
The struggle to poop while on vacation is real people!
As is the struggle not to shit your pants when you get a parasite or food poisoning on vacation.  
For more on that,  you can reference my post, The Shit.

But, we didn't come to Argentina to hang by the pool.  This whole trip started as a quest to see one thing.  

Iguazu Falls.
The widest waterfall in the world.

This photo is but a fraction of it and doesn't do it justice.

I'd wanted to see it ever since we visited Victoria Falls in Zambia a few years ago.
Which you can read about here.

And since we were finally here, we were going to see all of it.  Every inch.  

Which we did, hiking a total of 20 miles that day. 
 Even when it started to rain, through the mud.  

And it was so worth the blisters!
Because we even got to swim in them.

Before the honeymoon was over, we ate some of the best pizza (not to mention steak & wine) of our lives.  (Pizza is a staple food in Argentina & Chile.)

And we had mandatory family culture time, forcing the kids to walk the hot, humid streets of Buenos Aires for hours on end.

And explaining that the lady on this building was not Lady Gaga, but Evita.

Then I re-explained it over and over again when we went to the La Recoleta Cemetery where Evita, the  (not Lady Gaga) is  buried.

And just like that, the honeymoon period was over...

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Mackenzie Glanville said...

I love the cramped in the van photo! We are travelling and it is true we don't get many pics of us all together.


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