Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Plan Z

Let's face it, Plan A rarely works out.  And Plan B probably won't either.  And since nothing (especially with kids) is as easy as 1, 2, 3, obviously Plan C is a load of crap.  In our house, we usually have to resort to Plan Z, once all the other plans have failed.  Here's a real life example from the other day.

Plan A:  Jade:  "I'd like to invite some friends over tomorrow."
Plan B:  Me:  "The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow, why don't you invite them to the pool?"
Plan C:  Jade:  "Let me text them and see.  12:30 works.  Can we order pizza for lunch?"
Plan D:  Me:  "If we're having it delivered, we should go to the pool earlier like say noon."
Plan E:  Jade:  "Can we pick up my friends on the way?"
Plan F:  Me:  "Ok, we should pick them up at 11:30 so we get to the pool around noon."
Plan G:  Sky:  "I'm working at the pool at 3 tomorrow, but I can go early.  Can I bring a friend?"
Plan H:  Me:    "Sure, I have room for one more."
Plan I:    River:  "Can I invite a friend?"
Plan J:   Me:  "Hmmm....the car is full.  Can they meet us there?"
Plan K:  River:  After he calls said friend,  "Oh, he's not available."
Plan L:  Me:  "Ember do you want to invite friends to meet us at the pool?"
Plan M:  Ember:  "I called and they're not available."
Plan N:  Sky:  "Never mind, I'm going to bike to the pool with a friend and we'll meet you around 1."
Plan O:  Arrives at pool with River, Ember, Jade and two of her friends at noon.  Orders pizza for 8.
Plan P:  Friend of River's calls at 1:30.  "I can get a ride to the pool now."
Plan Q:  Me:  "Ok, see you soon."
Plan R:  Friend arrives at 2 pm.
Plan S:  Sky arrives at 2:20 via bike without a friend.
Plan T:  Sky: " My friend might come if he can get a ride home. I'm calling him now to see."
Plan U:  Me:  "I can't give him a ride home because my car is already full."
Plan V:  Jade:  "My friends need to be home at 3:30 pm."
Plan W:  Me:  "Ok. we need to leave at 3:00pm then."
Plan X:  Me:  "River are you and your friend okay to leave at 3:00?"  Nod. I pack everything up.  
Plan Y:  Jade at 2:50:  "My friends got picked up by one of their mom's."
Plan Z:  Me with the pool bag & chairs in hand.   "Oh?  I thought I was driving them home?"

I was wrong, we don't resort to Plan Z, because I'm at Z and I haven't even finished the story yet. 
(DISCLAIMER:  No children drown or got abandoned at the pool.)

 Maybe I'm on Plan Googolplex. 

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Mackenzie Glanville said...

being a mum is an adventure


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