Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm a Loser

I'm a loser.  And I've always been a loser.  I've never won a popularity contest, not to mention any other kind of contest.  Probably because I don't enter contests.  Often.  Anymore.  Because contests are stupid.  Which is what losers say.

Winners spend their time strategizing, marketing and playing the game.  I bet winners go to elegant parties all dressed up in fancy clothes.  And the photos are gorgeous,  photoshopped to perfection.    They're always working, which is top-heavy with networking.

Losers spend their time in the moment, relaxing and having fun.  We wear comfortable clothes to sit on our couches and read good books or watch a documentaries or whatever the heck else we feel like.  Because there will be no photos of it, so there's no need to photoshop.  Because that's a waste of time.  As is networking.  And I'll work when I'm damn well inspired to do so, or not at all.

Maybe winners are generally more Type A kind of people.  Status conscious, proactive and driven.  While losers are more Type B:  steady, creative and reflective.  (I, of course, am the latter.)  Or maybe that's just my rationalization for being content about being consistently substantive and inspired rather than being prominent or trendy.  And I definitely have no interest in stepping on anyone's toes or being disingenuous to get where I want to go in life.  So...

I'm proud to be a loser.
Because I'm a winner at losing.  

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joeh said...

Winning or losing all depends on how you score the game.


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