Thursday, May 7, 2015

Third Time's a Charm

I got pink eye three times in a row.  I'm positive I'm done now because the third time is always the charm, right?  Because there's something about three that magically cuts your karmic losses. It is the magic number after all, so says School House Rock.  Or maybe the third time is just the time you decide enough is enough already.  And take things into your own thoroughly washed and perfectly disinfected hands.

A couple of months ago I told you we bought a 1972 Indian Winnebago sight unseen off the internet. In Montana.  From a woman who wasn't forthright about the condition it was in.  Or that it was inundated with cigarette smoke.  And we got taken for a ride.  Which included three trips out to Montana to bring it home.  All of which had to be aborted.  But only after it drained a lot of time, energy and money.

Sometimes the power of three is just knowing when to cut your losses.  
I'm pretty sure Tony Robbins said that.
 (I might have made that up.) 

 I've learned three things from pink eye:

1.  I'm now able to give myself eye drops like a grown ass adult.  (The adult part is a lie.)
2.  I'm ridiculously stubborn.
3.  I'm prone to idiocy.

Ok, so I already knew 2 & 3.  But, while I washed the sheets, towels, my hands, threw out my make-up (twice)  I pondered where o' where I could have possibly gotten pink eye from three times.  Until I finally narrowed it down to one thing, which was the only thing left.  The new oil I started using to moisturize around my eyes.  Which I did sporadically, you know, when I remembered. I mean,  it DID leave them moisturized, in a very weepy, crusty infected way.  Because the oil wasn't intended to be used near the eye area.  Of course, I only read that after round #3 of pink eye.  (Please read #2 & #3 of things I've learned from pink eye over again.)  

Maybe three is just the number you stop believing things are a coincidence.


joeh said...

Now I can't stop my eyes from watering!

You are right, sometimes it takes several shots to make you decide maybe you need to figure this out.

I hope you are right, I'm on my third wife.

SaltyBug said...

Things do happen in 3's. They always have with me. So I really hope my brain fart which led to me buying a puppy is not 1 of made me laugh reading this.


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