Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brain vs. Butt

I can't tell you how much it pisses me off that I could make more money with my butt than my brain. If I just swapped my occupation, writing, with my hobby, pole dance, I could actually earn a real living.  Not that I have any intention of doing that.  Not that I'm ashamed of my body, because at 45 I have to work my ass off for this ass.  It's just that, I'd rather flaunt my brains.  But there's not much interest in intellect these days.

We live in a visual world. 
Where images trump words.
Thus, tits win over wits.  

And let me be honest, I don't have breasts to speak of.  Nor am I going to go buy them.  Or photoshop them in.  Because I like to keep things real.  And as you know, there's not much interest in real these days.  Because delusion and distraction are all the rage.  

While I could cash in and sellout, that's not what drives me.  What drives me are thoughts and ideas.  Books and documentaries.  Possibilities and probabilities.  Authenticity and empathy.  That's my inspiration and motivation.  However, unpopular and under appreciated it is in today's society. 

Of course the choice of how I'm seen by others isn't mine to make.
But, I promise...
My brain is far more intriguing than my butt.


Sine said...

I always used to joke that I made more money selling crap on Craigslist and eBay every time we moved than I've made with any of my writing. And my kids are now making a ton more money than me with lifeguarding and babysitting. Even dog-frikkin'-sitting! Haven't tried my butt yet...

Joy Page Manuel said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you. But if it's any consolation (and I'm predicting it won't be), at least you have a butt and body to flaunt. Would you know if I can make money out of my introversion somehow? ;-)

Blogger said...

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