Monday, June 30, 2014

Beauty Advice

A sweaty no-frills post workout selfie
I admit, I'm crappy at giving advice. I generally write about how flawed I am, how I screw up and what I have learned from doing so.  But, dispensing tips?  That makes me uncomfortable, like I'm saying I have things all figured out or something. Which is ridiculous. So,  let me just clarify, I DO NOT HAVE THINGS ALL FIGURED OUT.  However, these are some things I've noticed that help make me feel beautiful. (Please note:  This "beautiful feeling" comes in fleeting moments when the stars align and acceptance collides with contentment. So about as often as an eclipse.)

Exercising:  Simply breaking a sweat in some capacity.  

Eating healthy and getting right back on track after cheating.

Spending time with family and friends.

Connecting with nature.

Giving generously to causes that matter.

Disconnecting from technology from time to time.

Reading books.

Pursuing creative outlets. 

Day dreaming. 

Trying new things.

Choosing optimism.  

Suspending judgement.

Failing with style.

Of course it almost goes without saying, sunscreen, a good night's sleep and laughter. And lots of it! 

(Not a solar eclipse. Because this "beautiful feeling" comes more frequently now, like a lunar eclipse.)


Joy Page Manuel said...

Sounds like sound advice to me! (...and a lot of hard work too, esp. since it involves exercising and eating healthy...*sigh*) ;-)) said...

I certainly subscribe to the first and last ideas!


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