Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It was Sunday and there was an emergency.  I had just finished reading Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain.  I needed something to read stat.   And the library was closed.  That's what led me to Barnes and Noble that fateful day and that's how I learned about Snoop;  What Your Stuff Says About You by Sam Gosling.

Funny, this weekend I had two friends come to my house for the first time on two different days.  One knows me well, the other doesn't.  Can you accurately define my personality by my house?  Here's your snoop tour.

This is the office where I spend most of my time, narrowly beating out the kitchen.  It's cluttered, it's messy with a hodge podge of stuff.  I know you can't tell but just days before I had "cleaned it up".  And by cleaning I mean straightened.  Sort of.

When you zoom in you can see it's loaded with dust.  A recurrent theme in my house.

This is my bookshelf.  Sort of categorized by travel on the top shelf, spirituality on the second shelf, my favorite fiction on the third and psychology/sociology stuff on the bottom.  With some misshelved exceptions. Also, loaded with dust.

I have lots of buddahs in my house, but this is a shiva she's a deity in one of the levels of heaven.  Although, I don't know which one.  I'd personally be happy to make it to any of them.

This is my unpainted and undecorated bedroom.  The bed is never made and the night stands don't match.  I prefer unmatching unique pieces I get second hand or from my travels.  Or World Market.

Here's my stripper pole in the bedroom.  I know that sounds kinky, but it's really not.  The kids play on it more than I do.  It's usually the place where they hand cuff each other to.  And no, the handcuffs aren't mine, nor are they kinky.

Then there's the bathroom with my messy collection of expensive sunscreens and face serums.  But if you peek under the cupboard you'll see my do it yourself box of hair color and you won't find a hair dryer because I don't own one.

You might think from the planted seeds in my bed room that I have a green thumb.  Nothing could be further from the truth, I'm a serial killer to all things green.  This is where my daughter put her seeds, as it's the place that gets the most light in the house.

Here's our stage and graffiti wall.  No, this wasn't built for me to dance on or for our rock band to perform on. My husband built it years ago at my insistence that it would be cool to have a stage for the kids to play on.  And the graffiti wall, well, it just seemed cool.

The main floor is painted bright colors. I have a very green kitchen and an extremely orange dining room.   Recently, I've made my own foray into color too.  Which is odd for me.

From the photos you may pick up  I'm open, conscientious and agreeable with a real love of dirt.  And that's true.  

But, you could also be fooled by the bright colors, pole and stage into thinking I'm an extrovert.  However, I rate extremely low on the extroversion and neuroticism scales.   

The question is what does your stuff say about you?


Joy Page Manuel said...

Judging from the photos, I'd say you're a pretty cool Mom (stage with graffiti wall?..wow!), who doesn't have time to be Martha Stewart because she has other more important and worthwhile things to do like write, travel and learn new things (pole dancing). Seriously, that stage and graffiti wall are genius! Do your kids play on it a lot?

MuMuGB said...

You look like a busy mum who likes to travel, I would say. I have no idea what my stuff says about me. I might be in denial, but I don't want to know!

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