Friday, March 22, 2013


Ever since we've moved back from Morocco, I've been really busy.  But, in the last few months I've even stepped it up a notch.  I'm trying to fit everything in and the fact is I'm stretched pretty thin.  With the added pressure that I really really want to be done writing the book before the kids are done with school.  So I'm devoting any spare minutes to making that happen.  But, in the meantime it's spring break and with the kids home I'm even more scattered. Just like this post.

Parent teacher conferences were a couple of nights ago for the middle school.  Craig rushed home from work, I grabbed Sky and we made it just in the nick of time.  When we got there with Sky, turns out it was River's conference.  Unfortunately, Sky looks nothing like River, so we couldn't even pretend like we had the right kid.  While the teachers had wonderful things to say about River while Sky eavesdropped, they did mention he's unorganized.  To which I replied, "He didn't get that from me! You know, the parent who brought the wrong kid to the conference." Ok, he might have totally got that from me.

After Jade's conference, we left with plants to babysit over the break.  Did I mention that whilst babysitting the 1st grade tadpoles over spring break one year I brutally murdered them? At least it was right in the beginning so I didn't have to take care of them all break. Even though I felt awful. Thank god Jade really doesn't get that from me.  She's nurturing and always reads directions thoroughly. And that's why we have a grow room in our house right now.

Sky in a justified moment of rage at River and Ember asked me how I don't get mad. ME???  I am NOT patient.  And I'm mad a majority of the time which is why I have these scowl lines on my face.  Usually it's because of him!  How could he not know this? Cause I'm constantly yelling at him to pick the towel up off the bathroom floor. Constantly.  And there are a million other things too. At least he doesn't think I'm mad all the time, maybe I'm pulling off calm better than I thought. I'm positive that's not it though.

I may have sent this e-mail to an attorney I barely know this week and just wrote what was on my mind without re-reading or spell checking:


First of all, I wanted to apologize. I met you at the luncheon on Saturday and realized too late how douchey it was of me to ask you legal advice. My husband is a doctor so he gets
"hey my pee is practically brown, what does that mean?" all the time. After I left, I was like oh my god, I'm THAT person. So my sincere apologies.

I would like to rectify the situation. Because of course I have another question. I would be happy to come in and meet with you, or pay your hourly rate or whatever to get it answered. Let me refresh your memory and give you a preview of my further line of questioning. Boring businesses book question. I mean questions, cause there were this legally reprehensible?

Again, I'll be glad to come in and meet with you, or just send me a bill. But, as I'm finishing the editing of my book and heading to the business side, I realize I have no freaking clue what I'm doing and any and all advice will be both appreciated and compensated.

Marie Loerzel

Yes, I used both "douchey" and "brown pee" and she did respond and I think I have a new attorney.  I also have a kick ass artist who's working on the cover art!

So last night we made time for this which we've wanted to do for a long time now....

They all tied and loved blending things in the blender to make crazy sauces, half way through they had to use goji berries. I have at least 6 more videos, but I don't have time to upload them all. I'm sure I actually have a lot more I could include in scattergories, but the kids just got up and starting fighting. Seriously, why don't they scatter when they're annoyed by each other?

Probably because I'm scattered enough for all of us!


Abby said...

First of all, I'm glad "Tadpole" isn't a nickname for other people's children, as that would be a completely different post in and of itself. And, not to mention, a crime I believe.

Anyway, we're all scattered. I don't have the excuse of children, a book, a husband who gets plagued with urinary hue questions, etc. though. Damn. I have no flipping excuse.

But it sounds like you still have your sense of humor--and all your kids and a freaking book--so I think you're doing okay. ;) said...

We could say this was stream of consciousness- but that would require conscious choices :-)

Thanks for the laughs.

Leah Griffith said...

Never a dull douchy moment over here at "Rock"! LOL! When my life is getting predictable and boring I surf over and lurk, while you and your offspring entertain me. Sometimes I feel jealous of all your escapades and adventures and at other times I laugh like a villain at the chaos and calamity I'm witnessing. LOLOL!

You're a great mom and writer Marie. Thanks for the distraction from my own mess!


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