Monday, June 4, 2012

The Plan

You know how right after you get something you find something even more perfect? Remember that lamp I had specially made?  You know the one from my post Customer Service just a little while back. (If you haven't read it or just want to gawk at my lamp click here.)  Not to be confused with the above photo, which is the lamp I found after that.  And yes, I bought it. Cause look how perfect it is.

After I bought the original lamp, I realized it's huge and probably wouldn't fit in my cozy Colorado dining room.  I didn't even consider size before I bought it because I have totally lost perspective living in a huge museum-like house here in Morocco.  So when I saw this much smaller (at almost half the size) but yet more refined and elegant lamp it just seemed right. And really, what more justification does one need than I-don't-know-which-will-fit-but-one-of-them-will to buy two lamps?   Unless of course I've misjudged and it's actually too small for my dining room.  Maybe I should buy a third medium sized lamp just in case.  Maybe not.  At this point, I need to just wait until I get home to Colorado and see which one fits the best.

And that's exactly the point I'm at with my writing.   

I've been asked a lot of questions about the fate of this blog when I move back to the states. And I'm here to assure you that I will keep writing it for a while.  But,  I won't be writing with the same frequency of 3x a week like I have been here. There is simply too much catching up with friends, unpacking, 24/7 kids-on-summer-break-refereeing-chauffeuring madness, camping and relaxing to do. I'm sure you understand. However, I am shooting for a post once a week. Although I'm not making any promises.

Now, here's the biggie.

And the other biggie.

And oh yeah, that.

In answer to the most frequently asked question, will Rock The Kasbah end? Yes. Eventually it will. It won't end suddenly, I will wrap things up somehow cause I like nice tidy packages.  But, it won't be until after the summer is over. I still have things to write people!

Then there's the second most commonly asked question.   To which the answer is yes.   I'm going to write Rock The Kasbah the book. And no, I don't have a publisher. And no, I don't know exactly how I'll get one. And no, I really don't want to think about that right now because it totally makes me anxious and I start sweating and my head starts swirling. And then I have to put my head between my legs and breathe.  The goal is for a relaxing summer, remember?  So,  I'm just not going to think about it right now. Unless of course you are a publisher or your cousin from Minneapolis knows someone who used to date someone whos brother-in-law has the business card of a publisher. Then please interrupt my relaxing summer by calling me, e-mailing me or facebook friending me immediately.

And the last most commonly asked question, will I start a new blog.  That's the one I'm not sure about. Cause, just like those two lamps, I don't know what the exact right fit is going to be until I'm home.

But I promise you, short of some tragic farm accident that causes me to loose both my hands, I will keep writing.  I just don't know which lamp will be lighting the room as I do it.


Dangerous Linda said...

Good Luck -- I have full confidence that everything will work out exactly as it should ;-)

Jaime Brown said...

Thank you for clearing up those burning questions! I've been thinking about your transition back into the states and how you will end/continue/possibly start again with your blogging.

To anyone who thinks they will miss the weekly doses of your Moroccan craziness, everyone is more than welcome to check out my blog, too. I'm an American living in Morocco and while I don't have the same type of family adventures, escapades, and bellydancing...I do have some sarcasm, a dash of wit, and some Moroccan madness going on!

You can see it here:

(I write about a zillion random topics sometimes unrelated to Morocco-- kind of like a big junk drawer of words).

Marie, this blog will most certainly be missed! I'm glad to hear that you will be weaning us slowly by the end of summer. Hopefully during your relaxation attempts, you can figure out a way to contiinue writing for us.

Perhaps version 2 is in order--


...just sayin'. said...

Whether you illuminate us with your travels- or your sense of humor- we hope you don't make US keep searching for another "perfect" lamp.
Because we don't want to have to be like Goldilocks and run out screaming...

A Brilliant Life said...

Well, I will certainly miss reading of your Moroccan perspectives but for whatever it's worth...I have been REALLY looking forward to your antics living in the US as well. Alot to do with my being homesick but more to do with enjoying your perspective and how I love reading about you and your family. You have a lot to share with the world...

Jaime Brown said...

Ok, I'm commenting again.

As much as you feel saturated with the "Moroccanisms" around here, I think everyone is dying to see them come out on American soil. I think I speak for us all when I say that we're anticipating how much of Morocco you bring back within YOU and not your suitcase.

I'm sure you're shipped luggage of goods, wares, souvenirs, and lamps are quite a few kilos--

...but how much of Morocco are you carrying in your heart?

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Well that is excellent news ;) I know from first hand that being back at home doesn't give you nearly enough chances (or bizarro things) to write about. But sincerely happy that you plan to keep writing. Hope the packing and moving is going as good as it can. And hope everything else has been going good as well too!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

After living in another country, we learn a LOT when we return to live in our own. So I suspect you'll have a lot to say for quite a while. After that, you're right to figure out what suits you, but I do like the suggestion of "Rock the Rockies." Just sayin.'

Sine said...

Very well wrapped up in the lamp metaphor, Marie! I'll be sad when your posts become less frequent but will be excited for the book. If it's making as much progress as mine, it might be a while:-). Even though publishing is at your fingertips with Kindle publishing. It's the actual writing, darn it. Anyways, good luck, hanging the lamps and all the rest.

Hillary said...

Lamp #2 is gorgeous! Looking forward to reading about your new less-adventurous adventure. :)


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