Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Aftermath

When the Easter egg hunts are over.

And the bunny has left the kids sweet treats.

And you've even blown out an egg and made an egg diorama, so it can live on forever. (In theory of course.)

Then you ask yourself who is the hell came up with delivering loads of candy to children on Easter?

Because now you're in the Easter aftermath.

And it sucks.

Oh, at first everyone is happy. But it's only a matter of minutes before it they're not.

It starts with the counting of jelly beans. (She got more than me!)

It progresses to the strategic hiding candy from siblings under the grass. (But since everyone does this, everyone knows exactly where to look.)

Then comes candy theft. (Unfortunately, with every Easter my kids further develop their lying skills. So, I can't tell the perpetrator from the victim in the elaborate stories they tell. Although I do know who isn't involved. One of my kids doesn't really care for candy. Weird, I know. But, if the Easter bunny brought chips and salsa and some went missing, I would know immediately. Which is handy on Cinco de Mayo when the big sombrero comes and delivers treats. I think he only fills my basket though. I mean my sombrero.)

What's the up side to this? This year my kids have learned to cover their tracks by removing all the evidence that would incriminate them. Trust me. I've looked in pants pockets, under mattresses, in closets, back packs and dresser drawers. Not a wrapper to be found. Anywhere.

Which means my kids really are capable of picking up after themselves without me nagging them!


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Such a humorous reflection on kids and their Easter stash. I enjoyed the read!

Shari said...

LOL. Now, they're busted and will you know their secret! (the capability of picking up after themselves, that is) said...

Obviously, they should teach the Easter Bunny where to hide the loot! (But, they probably don't want to share...)

Rachel said...

Ah, the lessons of Easter. I allowed my kids to decorate three dozen hard-boiled eggs which nobody would later eat. My husband suggested I drain the eggs of their contents before letting the kids decorate them. He advised this after we had already boiled and decorated the eggs. He is very helpful like that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Easter Bunny, He is Risen, Candy...nope, still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Easter Bunny, He is Risen, Candy...nope, still don't get it.

Joy Page Manuel said...

Funny!....but I guess it's not so funny to you. On the bright side, you do have highly creative and intelligent children so celebrate that. hehhehehe....But yeah, I ask the same thing....Who the hell thought of candies/sweets on Easter? Is halloween not enough??

MuMuGB said...

Congrats for raising such resourceful kids!


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