Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vin Diesel Inspired Me

Let me be totally honest here. This has not been the best week. Craig left last Saturday to work in Tanzania for 8 days and I had all the kiddos by myself. That wasn't the reason the week was bad, it was just the beginning.

Just a few of this weeks highlights:

Craig's flight got delayed on the way to Tanzania and he got stuck in the Cairo for 22 hours. (And if you know about our previous trips to Cairo you know exactly how painfully funny this is. He just texted me and is at this very moment delayed on the tarmac on the way out of Cairo to head back home. Egypt hates us.)

With Sky's math helper gone, I was left to help with 7th grade math. And it was word problems. (Word problems are my worst nightmare and always have been. I wonder what grade I'll get. I mean, he'll get...)

I had the birds and bees talk with another kid. (Cause it was imminent that it just wouldn't wait.)

One of the kids had a melt down that we will be travelling on his/her birthday and he/she can't paint ball and I almost went completely ballistic when he/she stomped away from the dinner table. But I didn't. (Thank you o' glass o' wine.)

I'm in the midst of planning 4 different trips. (And feel like I didn't make headway on any of them.)

Except that...

I spent $10,000 in one day and almost had a complete panic attack. It took two friends to calm me down from that. (Thank you Faith and Sara.)

One of my credit cards was cancelled due to a fraud alert. The company will "expedite" a new card to me. (Not knowing that there is no such thing as "expediting" in Morocco. And I need that card because the other one is maxed and it's holding up further travel arrangements.)

I didn't work out at all last week. (And working out is what makes me a happy person, as opposed to a depressed person.)

And then, I was all having this hate/hate relationship with the 9 foot wall that surrounds my house and makes me feel like Zsa Zsa Gabor in a Beverly Hills prison. (And I was starting to formulate elaborate prison break schemes that included sledge hammers, pick axes, chain saws and jack hammers.)

I did do a lot of writing this past week. (But since I didn't workout and was a bit depressed with the maxed out credit card and all, I just felt a bit defeated in the "I want to be a writer" realm. Bit being an extremely generous understatement.)


Then, we rented some stupid Vin Diesel movie that the kids wanted to see. Do I even need to say that it was really bad? Well, it was. Vin Diesel is perhaps one of the least talented actors I have ever witnessed trying to act. Ever. And then it hit me. If Vin Diesel can make it as an actor. Really, isn't there hope for all of us to be whatever we want to be? Yes. Yes there is! How flipping inspiring is that?

Thank you Vin Diesel for putting it all in prospective for me! (And also for reminding me to workout next week.)

4 comments: said...

I think it's time you rent Fatburger. From then on, you will recognize that EVERY Vin Diesel movie is a pure masterpiece. And, wonder if your children really are as smart as you thought the day before...

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Holy cow, that is pretty much the most terrible week a mom could have. Thank you, Vin!

American Russia Observations said...

Hi Marie,

Great name for your blog! Back in 1969 I did US Navy shore patrol in a Sfax Tunisia kasbah. I'm Scottish American, my wife Russian,and we have lived in St Petersburg Russia since 2000.

Kids are the same every where... challenging! You spent $10,000 last week! How are you going to get a handle on your expenses?

Your writing is a pleasure to read.

Rob MacDonald

The Loerzels said...

We are preparting to take our biggest trip EVER (thus explaining the $10,000). And,I would sell my soul to travel. Oops, I think I just did. Cool that you live in Russia! I have a love affair with Russia which is probably why I have 4 Russian kids. Большое вам спасибо за чтение моего друга!


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