Saturday, July 23, 2011


In two days we leave for a three week vacation in the states. And I don't blog on vacation. And I don't cleverly do posts ahead of time and schedule them to post while I'm gone. And I don't have guest bloggers fill in for me in my absence. Because you see, all these things would require organization. And if you're a regular reader you already know I'm NOT organized. And if you're new here, I am formally declaring that I'm not that I've-got-it-so-together-inspirational-kinda-blogger because that would be a big fat lie.

So this is my jumbled housekeeping post where I try to tie up loose ends before we leave.

If you are new around here, let me recap briefly. My husband works for the Peace Corps. We've lived here in Morocco for a year and a half. We have 4 crazy kids who love America a whole bunch and who grudgingly tolerate this Morocco experience stuff. We've not been home or had any visitors from home since we've been here. And now in two days we're going to Florida where my husband's brother is getting married. Is there any better reason to go to Florida in July? I think not! Will I be able to get the kids on the plane to come back to Morocco without crying, kicking and protests? I think not!

Coincidentally, the timing of our trip could not be better. You see August 1st starts Ramadan, well the exact day it starts depends on the moon. If you're not familiar with Ramadan, it's 30 days of not eating, drinking (not even water), smoking or having sex during day light hours. It is intended to teach humility, patience and spirituality. It has personally taught me that I don't want to be here for another Ramadan. Cause do you know how freakin' cranky people who haven't eaten, drank, smoked or had sex are? Now I don't blame them. I couldn't forgo all these things for one day, let alone 30 in a row, especially not drinking water in Africa in August. As non-muslim foreigners who don't celebrate (and I use the word celebrate loosely) Ramadan we don't do any of these things in public. You don't want to be in public during Ramadan anyway because not much is open and you don't want to endure traffic with other drivers who aren't eating, drinking, smoking or having sex.

So since I will be busy celebrating that I'm not celebrating Ramadan in Morocco, visiting with family and friends and enjoying all the fabulous food selections and consumerism that America has to offer, I'm leaving you with a list of links some of my favorite past posts. I'll be back with plenty to write about in about a month. So enjoy your summer and stay tuned for our return.

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Oh and to follow up on my post The Competitor the voting ends tomorrow and I moved from 415th place to 400th with 602 votes doing absolutely nothing and, absolutely nothing.



LOL have a wonderful time :)

Roy A. said...

Travel well. Enjoy your family. And, I am sure you will have 3 weeks of Florida that will remind you that it's among the nutso places in America- with plenty of fodder for your fun posts.
See you in September...

Mrs. Tuna said...

I'm sure you well melt in Florida, nice and humid. Gotta love it.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Yay America! How so awesomely exciting! Wow. It's finally here :)

wtspb2007 said...

Just returned from Florida...humid, buggy....and I loved every second of it. Enjoy!!!

my3littlebirds said...

Safe travels, friend. I'll miss you (virtually).


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