Thursday, December 17, 2015

Are You a Travel Addict?

Are You a Travel Addict?:  A Diagnostic Test

It seems these days everyone is addicted to something.  Sugar, shopping, coffee, crossfit and social media included.  That, of course, is in addition to the other more obvious addictions out there.  Don’t have any of them?  Have you ever considered you may have a travel addiction?   Take this quick test to find out.

  1. Is your screen saver a photo of a travel destination?
  2. Do you spend more than an hour a week visiting discount travel websites and/or reading travel magazines and/or blogs?
  3. Do you enter on-line sweepstakes to win dream vacations knowing all you’re likely to win is an e-mail spamming?  
  4. At work do you find yourself lying on the floor sunbathing in the sunshine streaming in the window daydreaming about Hawaii?
  5. How about a crush on Anthony Bourdain?
  6. Do you put off important home improvement projects in order to save money for travel?
  7. When you’re at a party do you always have a fascinating travel story to share?  e.g. “This one time, when I was in New Orleans....”
  8. Is your house decorated with souvenirs from your travels?  And/or World Market's entire collection.  (I'd say Pier One, but we all know that's too expensive and it'd be cheaper to travel to Indonesia to get that coffee table and export it yourself.)
  9. Do you know your preferred seat on different types of aircrafts and reserve it early?  Also, do you know how to reserve early?  And order a special vegan meal for the flight?    
  10. Do you ignore the flight attendant safety spiel and/or video because you already know it by heart?  Or because you've already fallen asleep with your travel neck pillow on?
  11. On travel day do you purposely wear slide off shoes and wear your one unholey pair of socks for TSA efficiency and to avoid embarrassment? 
  12.  Have you chosen your next travel destination before you’ve even arrived back home      from your current one?  
  13.  Is your favorite book series Lonely Planet?  Or is it Fodors?  
  14.  Is your DVR filled with programs from the Travel and National Geographic channels?
  15.  Do you have a penchant for globes and maps? 
  16.  Do you use the credit card that accumulates the most thank you points to redeem for free airfare?
  17. Can you pack your luggage to go anywhere in the world in less than 15 minutes flat?  
  18. Do you use the word 'travel' as a verb more than a noun?  
  19. For your birthday or Christmas would you rather go somewhere with friends or family than receive a gift?
  20. Are you currently reading this on a plane, a train or in the car?  (Please don’t read and drive.)

If you answered yes to 11 or more of these questions, you may be a travel addict. I know because I too am hopelessly addicted to travel.  What can you do to cure this condition?  I have no idea.  Why would you even want to anyway?  I’ll let you get back to googling the Maldives now.  Wherever your addiction, I mean adventure, takes you,  Bon Voyage!

ADDENDUM:  I'll be taking a blogging break for a few weeks to feed my own travel addiction.  I'll be back in the new year with lots of new misadventures to share.  Peace.  ~Marie


Mary Nolan said...

I definitely qualify! Funnily enough the Maldives is my next destination. After a fall in Vietnam where I broke my arm quite badly and had to have an operation there, I was flown home to Turkwy to recover. Girl in the Turkish airlines office wouldn't let me cancel my then useless return ticket from Vietnam and insisted I change it instead for a small fee. I said I didn't plan on going to Asia in th next 9months....until she suggested Maldives. I googled accommodation and nearly passed out when I saw the prices €33,000 -€9000 for 10 days. Undaunted I googled Maldivs on the cheap. I found a guest house for €289 +taxes for 9 days and a slow ferry for $20 to get me from Male to the island. I bought a few extra airmiles and booked the flight there. Where there is a will there is a way. Hope you enjoy your break indulging your addiction:-)

Marie Loerzel said...

@Mary-OMG....that's awesome! I so want to go there. Go Mary, do it for us!!!!


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