Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Management

Remember when you used to have to plan everything in advance.   You had to do your banking during banking hours.   And no one had a cell phone.  So meeting up with friends required  you to designate a concrete meeting spot and a time.  If they stood you up you'd hold an epic grudge followed by the silent treatment.  Until you found out later through the grapevine much later  that their car broke down.  And then you'd feel like shit.  Back then life just moved slower and your emotions really got a chance to simmer before your realized how misguided you were.

But now, with electronics we live automated lives at warp speed.  

We can do almost anything at anytime.  We can get so much more done.  And it's just so much more efficient.  When things work exactly like they're supposed to work.  Which is exactly never.  Because electronics are exactly as flawed as the people who make them and the people who use them.  And drop them.  And shatter the screen.  Because the owner chose the pretty, environmentally friendly case over the ugly, bulky, highly  protective one.  And bonus, now you can realize how misguided you were virtually instantaneously.

But, the stuff that makes life simpler, makes it more complex. 

Managing all the stuff that makes things convenient is really inconvenient.  Like remembering all the log-ins and passwords in your life.  And just trying to keep up with technology, mostly so you can spy on your kids who already know and use the latest technology and have to explain it to you.   And I'm still totally cloudy on the cloud.  In fact I got off the cloud because it freaked me out.  Or at least I think I got off the cloud.  I'm cloudy on whether deleting anything in this day and age actually deletes it forever or if it just hovers waiting to be retrieved.   And I didn't even mention the nightmares of viruses and updates.  And how we're tracked doing everything.  And then marketed to and hacked.  

The management sucks!  
But not as much as my management skills.  



Joy Page Manuel said...

Oh yeah. With technology, you're left questioning concepts such as 'privacy', 'permanence' (e.g. the cloud as you mentioned), 'efficiency', 'impermanence'/'disposability', etc. And one thing I hate about the 'efficiency', instantaneous and omnipresent qualities of technology is that I hate the idea of people expecting me to be always accessible--knowing where I am, whether I'm logged on or not (ergo can respond immediately)...grrrr. All the more reason for me to shut it all down and disconnect.

Dave Weis said...

I agree! Computers and "devices" are a pain in the arse. Especially if you are deemed tech savvy by your family. I am currently performing nearly a full-time job as tech support in my family for 2 desktops, 3 laptops, 2 tablets, 4 smart phones, printers, wii, smart TVs... and a partridge in a pear tree.


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