Thursday, March 19, 2015

Indian Style

Photo credit: Gallivanting Girls Etsy shop
I know the term "Indian Style"  is politically incorrect.  It was coined in a different era when this 1972 Indian model Winnebago toy was popular.  But I couldn't call this post criss-cross applesauce style could I?  No, that wouldn't make sense at all.  Just like our newest misadventure.

Are we the new owners of a pricey antique toy boutique?  No, that wouldn't make sense at all.  We're the new owners of the real (and really big) 1972 Indian model Winnebago.  That's currently in Montana.  In the shop.  Because the brakes don't work.  And it's filthy and inundated with the stench of cigarette smoke from the previous owners.  Complete with missing mattresses.  Which under the circumstances is probably a good thing.  But not for our spring break plans.

Which aren't going at all to plan!

We were supposed to drive the winnie to New Mexico sans electronics so we could pretend it was still 1972.  Our four kids could even sit Indian Style on the floor quietly playing a game of Monopoly during the drive.  Ok, I admit, I'm prone to fantasy.  OBVIOUSLY.  I mean we just bought a fossil of a vehicle on faith.  So....duh.  

That's not the worst part.

The worst part is that in order to salvage spring break we're renting a brand new RV for the trip.  Yes, new.  With working breaks and other such luxuries.  Which is going to excite the kids initially.  And then subsequently disappoint them when we downgrade from the rental to the one we actually own.  If we can ever get it drivable enough to get it home that is. On the brand new tires we just bought for it.  Cause that's how we roll...

Indian style.  



Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting! Sounds awesome. Good luck xx Mackenzie Glanville #PBAUs

Angel The Alien said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I have always wanted to go on a RV trip, whether in a 1972 model or a 1964 model or a brand-new model! Also, you could have always called this post "Pretzel-Legs Style!"

Muriel said...

Marie, you guys never stop!!! Where do you find the energy?

Lucy PH said...

But the downgrade after this initial holiday will still deliver you to as many adventures I'm sure!

Joy Page Manuel said...

I think this is totally exciting. I feel like I'm watching a tv series now. Please keep us posted!!!!!!


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