Monday, March 16, 2015


The older I get, the more I retrospectively get the significance of the TV show Friends.  Sure, I watched it off and on, but not with the dedication and fervor that some of my friends did.  Because I didn't realize that the show was actually about family.  The handpicked kind.  And not about the Rachel haircut.  It was the 90's in America, so it was easy to be confused between the hype and the actual facts.  Remember O.J. Simpson and Bill Clinton?  Not to mention the Los Angeles police department.

Having traveled and moved around a lot, I have friends who are really more like family scattered all over.  Even if I'm not great at staying in touch.  (Which really means I'm actually treating you exactly like I do my family.  Be flattered... I guess.)  So when and old friend, Michael, was coming out to visit and I started to replay memories, I realized I'd known him for 29 years.  Which doesn't even add up because I met him when I was 16 and now I'm 25 in my head.  How can this be?  HOW CAN WE BE OLD?

But, we are.

And we're starting to forget things.  Apparently.  Because I swore I told Michael and my husband, Craig, that they met once back in 1986 at this thing this one time.  How can they not remember that?  Wait.  Maybe I forgot to tell them.  Ok, I'm really not even sure.  But, I AM positive, that Michael is where I got my love of Karmann Ghias. Because his was the first one I ever rode in.  We were driving down the coast in California taking pictures of us while driving.  Yes, were the founders of selfies.  

If only we trademarked it & got a penny every time someone selfied.

It's just amazing how nearly 30 years can go by, our lives are completely different and yet our relationship isn't.  How can this be?  Because as much people change, they also stay the same.

 I'm totally positive we look exactly the same as we did 30 years ago.
(Especially because is zoomed out and we don't have our required reading glasses on in this photo.)

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