Monday, November 17, 2014

Buns in the Oven

I never expected this to happen.  Not at my age.  I mean I'm an intelligent woman, I know how things work.  And yet all it takes is once.  One little accident.  And then you're buying a whole new oven.

It happened when I was innocently taking a spice jar down from the disheveled and overstuffed cabinet above the stove.  That's when the crushed red pepper flakes went all rogue and maliciously toppled onto my glass cook top, leaving a huge crack and producing a never-ending fine powder of glass dust.  Not to be confused with fairy dust.

The appliance repairman who came to look at it was suspicious.  

"A spice jar did this?" He inquired.
"Well it was a glass one." I replied defensively.
"A dutch oven is usually the culprit."
"I don't even own a dutch oven,  I swear!  But, I am completely gifted at screwing things up and breaking things.  Trust me."

Then came the damage.  $550  and that's just to replace the cook top.  

Now, I hate the fact that we live in a disposable society.  I'd much rather replace the cook top than get a whole new stove. In theory anyway.  But it's a $550 price tag just for some glass.  So,  I'm not fixing it unless it comes with a personal chef who cooks the meal and cleans up afterward. Obviously, it's far more practical to spend twice that amount and get the double oven that I regretted not getting the first time around.  I'm sure the double oven will provide double luck at double the price tag.  Right?

So come tomorrow, I can put buns in the oven at two completely different temperatures.
What a doubly happy accident!
(Although I will NOT be buying a dutch oven to tempt a triple...)


Joy Page Manuel said...

Ooooh, that double oven looks so tempting! But knowing me, I'd prefer a gas stove top and feel I can't trust myself enough with a glass top stove. So, when you get your new stove, are you now going to be the Pinterest lady, posting pics of your magnificent baked goodies? hehehehe..... ;-)

BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I totally understand. My sister broke a handle off our very old cooktop and the handle couldn't be replaced. We ended up with a new cooktop, double oven, tile floor, countertop, sink, etc. Stoves are important (if you cook); you may as well have the one you want!


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