Monday, August 25, 2014


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There's a stigma being a doctor's wife.  People think I know things.  Medical things.  Like I get some secret medical knowledge by sleeping with my husband. I don't.  I can give you a laymom's opinion, but it comes with a disclaimer.  And that is:  But what the hell do I know?

I myself do not know anything about medicine.  I don't have to.  I have the best medical reference on call 24/7.  My husband.  But the thing is, he's also my husband, which means I sometimes doubt his medical advice.  Simply because I also sleep with him.  

So about 5 years ago when I developed a shallow cough that wouldn't go away, he diagnosed me quickly.  "You have asthma.  Here's an inhaler." To which I defensively replied,  "I DON'T  have asthma! So, I don't need an inhaler."

When we moved to Morocco, my cough suddenly and mysteriously completely disappeared for two and a half years.  Cured!  But when we returned to the dry, under oxygenated air of Colorado it returned.  I get long coughing fits.   And I'm sure it causes the general public to question whether I have tuberculosis.  And whether they should call the Center for Disease Control and have me quarantined.  


I am nothing, if not stubborn.  Until this past weekend.  When I went to a friend's birthday party.  And coughed for 6 hours.  SIX HOURS!  Of course I didn't have an inhaler.  Of course I didn't tell anyone I needed one.  Of course I just kept coughing.  Until the very end of the night when I admitted defeat and asked my husband if he had an inhaler with him.  You know, for my non-asthma.  

(My husband brought me an inhaler and patiently guided me through using it like a child during the writing of this post.  Because I am a child.  A stubborn child.  An asthmatic stubborn child. Thank god he's used to this, because he's a pediatrician after all. )


4 comments: said...

You just described about 1/2 the arguments I had with my spouse...(The other half were of more import.)
It is amazing- but you described the concept so well. I know who you are- and you are not MY expert...

joeh said...

That is very funny...not the asthma. Glad you finally gave in.

Doug Downs said...

You doubt Craig's medical advice because you sleep with him ... poor Craig, I think he just took one below the belt, so to speak, wonder if it caused a little cough?

Marie Loerzel said...

@Doug-Ha.....Good one Doug!


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