Thursday, May 22, 2014

Travel Insurance

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I've wanted to go there for so long.  I've stalked airline tickets there for years.  Enough to know that it was no cheaper or less time consuming to get there from Morocco than the States, which is why we haven't gone already.  Then finally, the tickets dropped to the lowest price I've ever seen them.  Which is still ridiculously expensive times six, mind you.  Panic set in.  We need to buy them right now.  Right now I said!

So we did.  About two weeks ago.  We sat in front of the laptop late at night, my husband's face and mine lit only by the glow of the screen.  After all the information was diligently entered by my husband, because I have a tendency to totally completely screw up detail work, we sat there.  

Breathe in, breathe out.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Breathe in…..hit send.

And just like that, and thousands of dollars that we probably or definitely should have used to fix our house that's slowly sinking in the Colorado soil later, it was done.  Now we could relax for about 30 days until the bill arrives and we have to figure out how the hell to pay for it.  Except, I didn't relax.  In an extremely uncharacteristic moment, I picked up a guide book and started planning what to see within the country.  And even more uncharacteristically, I found it.  I totally found it.  Just the right mix of off the beaten' path and overexposed, mandatory tourist sites.  Mind you, I didn't look at the cost of doing any of it.   Or book it, because really, there's only so much uncharacteristic shit I can pull off in one day.  Which might be a good thing.

Because the very next day, after my giddy excitement that we are finally, finally after all this time going there,  guess what happens.  No.  Really.  Guess.  

Insert guessing interlude with Jeopardy music here.

It was the top headline in the news.  Before "Teen's 'Billie Jean' dance wows crowd" was the lead story.  Thailand is under martial law.  And where are our tickets to?  You guessed it, Thailand!  Wait.  Weird.  This seems so familiar.  Because this is what happened right before we went to Egypt.  And this is probably why we should buy travel insurance.  But also probably why no one would actually insure us.  Because, rest assured, I have a seriously bad case of wanderlust and an even more serious case of bad timing.  

WARNING:  If you know me or my kids in real life, please note, we have not told them yet!

And if you mention any of this Thailand business in front of them, we'll make you tell them that there will also be no Christmas presents this year.  And that there's no Santa.  And all about the birds and the bees.  

No, no this Christmas, we're giving the kids the gift of not knowing whether we're coming back from our vacation alive.  Again.  


joeh said...

The only time I leave the USA is to go to Canada or the Islands. I am a stay at home wuss.

I get my travel excitement from people like you who post of their trips. I am very excited about visiting Thailand through your posts.

Stay safe!

Gary said...

Nothing says "exotic travel destination" and "fun for the whole family" like martial law, coup d'etat and mandatory curfews!

For good luck and a lot of giggles, be sure to visit the Chao Mae Tuptim shrine. If the coup-makers haven't made it their headquarters by the time you get there!

Be safe, steer clear of angry mobs, know the location (address and GPS coordinates) of the US Embassy and leave all your red shirts at home!

Should be an interesting spectacle to witness. And maybe even the ultimate test of cerebral fitness!

Joy Page Manuel said...

Oh no! Is there any way the unrest will end by the time of your trip? Hoping against hope? Oh my..Well, wishing you much safety and still as much fun as can be possible.

Amy Brown said...

we went to Thailand a couple weeks after the protests and military crackdown in actually calmed down pretty quickly, although nothing was really solved. fingers crossed for you.

Sine said...

They have a coup every 4 years, on average, in Thailand, so chances that there is martial law when you're travelling there are pretty high. It just goes with the territory. Still, I see your problem with timing - maybe pick a place like the Cayman Islands or something not so coup-prone next time?

Clifton Johnson said...

If it’s the second time that your trip has been ruined, I guess it is a good idea to get a travel insurance. At the very least, you'll have protection and something to help you, in case you run into another bad situation while traveling, although hopefully it doesn't come to that. Anyway, I hope you are doing well! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

Clifton Johnson @ Insuring the Product


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