Monday, May 12, 2014

All the Small Things

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There are the big obvious things in life that take center stage.  Both huge challenges and accomplishments.  But then there are the small things.   Both small challenges and accomplishments.  That we brush off, discounting their significance.  It's just a little something.  No big deal.  But that's a lie.
Small things are in fact not small things at all. They are big things cleverly disguised in small packages.

And every big thing starts out as a series of small things.  Little tests of our dedication to the bigger picture.  Knowing that everything counts in large amounts.  (A little Depeche Mode wisdom for you.)  Every choice has the potential to strengthen your resolve or weaken it.  Essentially, every moment, every choice, matters.

Of course, with so many small opportunities crossing our path everyday, we're going to miss some.  Or screw up the ones we have.  But, there will always be a new one.  Or a chance to redeem ourselves will appear  and we can try to set things right.  To return to the path we truly want to be on.  Or change paths altogether.

I was reminded of all this by my daughter and her friends this week when they performed at the school talent show.  Five quiet, unassuming 11 and 12 year old girls who don't like the limelight.  But formed a band and stepped up and out onto center stage as Color Nation for a few minutes.  After hours of hard work and dedication. Despite technical difficulties, they shone and proved they were indeed titanium.

Getting up on that stage and performing was no small feat.  It was a series of small choices, culminating into something much bigger.

A little inspiration for you.  Unless it's a big inspiration.


Joy Page Manuel said...

I needed this today. Thank you for your big inspiration Marie! And thanks for reminding me of that Depeche Mode song..Love it!

Leah Griffith said...

Marie, you are so right about choices...building up, creating things—sometimes mighty things. I'm glad that I chose to listen. The vision of these five little doo-wahs performing with titanium bravery, is more inspiration than one woman could hope for on this dry Monday morning. Woohoo!! Loved it!

BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Rock on, indeed! Good for them, exercising their bravery at a young age. Just the beginning of ever-bigger things to come, I'll bet.

joeh said...

Very good, and it looked like they had fun performing.

Muriel Jacques said...

So true, Marie! And little by little, we might achieve our goals, right?

A Gazelle Called Adam said...

Whoever said 'don't stress the small things' was right - otherwise we'd never do any of the big things we have planned!

Penelope said...

Thanks for the wise words. Important to see that "every big thing starts out as a series of small things." Often we don't realize the importance of the small things until it is too late.


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