Wednesday, July 4, 2012


When I left you you, we had just escaped the fire cresting the ridge headed toward our house. While we headed east, away from the fire. Even though the flames were behind us on the west side, the smell of smoke covered the entire city. So, it was probably for the best we couldn't find a hotel in Colorado Springs and headed on a journey 35 minutes south to Pueblo, which seemed a whole world away. It's a good thing we brought our passports. So we could get in. Unless that was so we could get back out. Anyway, I'm just bummed no one in Pueblo stamped them.

Now there's a whole bunch of things we could have done while we were evacuated...

We could have gone to visit our old friends the Zellers who we knew from Germany and helped their daughter celebrate her 2nd birthday by inviting ourselves over and having an impromptu party.

Maybe we met a neighbor we didn't know who lives 5 doors down from us in our neighborhood in the Springs at the hotel in Pueblo.

We might have moved to an open hotel room in Colorado Springs for Craig to be closer to work.

Or just to be closer to the action.

Or maybe we really came back so we could buy a new car.  The first new car we've ever owned.

I could have offered to pet sit for my friend Kirsten's dog and cats, but we were in a hotel room.

So maybe we went to her friend's house where Kirsten and her brood were evacuated to pick up her more hotel friendly lizards to pet sit instead.

And maybe those friends of my friend, who were left with the dog, the cats and (by mistake) the crickets we're supposed to feed to the lizards, asked us to stay for dinner.

And perhaps my kids played with their dogs, rode their ATV and zip line, and thought it was better than Disney Land and never wanted to leave.

And maybe we became friends with Tom and Donna and they invited us to stay at their house with them. Or maybe that was the wine...

We could've gotten kicked out of the hotel we were staying in and ended up taking Tom and Donna up on their offer.

Oh, did I mention I may have forgotten to pack the ADD meds like I always do when we go anywhere.

We could've found out my favorite store, Goodwill, was offering free vouchers for clothes and shoes to families evacuated by the fire.

Where we might have gotten these super sweet jeans. Absolutely FREE!

And maybe my super crappy computer, with super fleeting access to the net during the evacuation finally connected and I found out my friend Lynn's house burned down in the fire.

But, one of these things didn't happen.

The question is. Which one?

6 comments: said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. I, for one, and sure that I speak for others, are thrilled you are all ok.Happy 4th, my friend.

Jaime Brown said...

I'm gonna guess that the thing that didn't happen was the acquisition of said "sweet jeans." I'm sure you've had enough of those from the souk...

PS-- the only thing sweeter than those jeans is your super sweet hippie van! I shoulda known...


Love from Morocco

Sara said...

I wish it wasn't your friend's house that burnt down. But, I'm going to have to go with you not buying those jeans...please tell me you didn't buy them, or I'll have see that you're sent back to Morocco. xo

cath said...

Oh dang Marie now I can't stand this suspense...but obviously you are ok and I am glad to see this post. Stay safe girl!

The Loerzels said...

@ Roy-Thank you. There were no fireworks in Colorado Springs last night, but there were some buffalo hot dogs on the grill!

@ Jamie-Did I make it too obvious. I'm totally kicking myself for NOT getting the jeans cause they're HIL-A-RIOUS!

@ Sara-After we put the baseboards back on the spicy cayenne room, the stage will go back up and then we'd work out there....of course!

@ Cath- Ok is a relative term.

Chantel said...

Awww MAN, I want to see you in those jeans! lol And I kid you not, I have three doses of the meds in a little plastic bag in my purse at all times. If the world goes nuts and civilization crashes, I won't kill the children...for at least three days.

How the hell did you get kicked out of the hotel??


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