Thursday, March 22, 2012

Soul Searching

I've harbored a big dark secret. And I feel so guilty. That's why I have to tell you what I did and face the consequences of my actions. Whatever those may be. I think my soul may be at stake.

It happened about a year ago. It all started out so innocent. We were invited to a celebration for a friend of ours. It was a perfect sunny day, one filled with reflection, love and possibilities. One where you feel so in line with the universe.

And while the day was waning, the celebration continued on into the evening. The way these things do. Everyone brought a dish. We barbecued. Swigged back a few in toast. I confess, there was a lot of toasting, which resulted in some being toasted. The way these things do.

When the evening ended, I still felt a bubbling bliss. And I crawled into bed at peace with the world. What I didn't know was my transgression happened that fateful night. But I wouldn't know that until weeks later.

When I was at a friends house and we were in her kitchen and I noticed a familiar package of pepperoni. So I picked it up and proceeded to read the label to see what else was in it besides turkey. Except there was no turkey in it. At all. And then the oh shit moment happened.

And I replayed the events of that night for my friend. Except I skipped to the part. The part where it all went wrong. I was at the food table trying to balance another scoop onto an already heaping flimsy paper plate. And someone asks me if the pepperoni in the pasta salad I made contains pork. No, I reply. It's turkey pepperoni.

Oh my god.

Three weeks after the fact, I realize I fed a Muslim pork.

I didn't know what to do. So, I did what anyone in this situation would do. (I think.)


Because I thought it was better for them not to know. After all, the damage was already done. And it wasn't malicious. But what plagues me is the fate of their soul. And mine.

Or is it more Collective Soul? Cause I probably shouldn't have pirated Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down either.

Damn it. That's it. I'm going to hell.


Miss Footloose | Life in the Expat Lane said...

No worries, Allah is merciful and forgiving.

Loved this story and I think your soul is safe. Stop sweating and don't tell ;)

SherilinR said...

unintentional pork feeding is probably considered less offensive, right? i wouldn't tell either. said...

SherilinR has the right answer. But, to be honest, turkey must be chalal, too!
And, if this person were truly scrupulous, no meat that did not meet the prescription (pun intended) should cross his or her lips!

So, you erred- unintentionally. And, the person involved erred, as well. Whose err(or) is more malignant? Let's leave that to the Supreme Being to adjudicate.

Chantel said...

May I be honest? If the fate of one's soul, for all of ETERNITY, at the hands of an all-knowing, all-compasionate GOD...lies not in the heart, but the stomach?

We are all doomed.

Elisa said...

I'll shed some light on the situation. . .I'm Muslim and in Islam if one eats pork genuinely not knowing, there is no sin upon them. You didn't know as well so no worries my dear :-)

The Loerzels said...

Phewww thanks Elisa. Loved all the comments on this one. But Chantel, yours made me laugh :)

Stephen Hayes said...

I'm visiting from Best Posts of the Week and I think your blog is unique and funny. I don't think you will go to hell for serving a Muslim pork since it wasn't done intentionally. Actually, I don't believe n hell. I hope you'll visit me at Chubby Chatterbox. If you do, press the join button and I'll return the favor. Have a great weekend.

Chubby Chatterbox

Janine said...

Woah I would so bee feeling the same way. I have many muslim friends and I would be wracked with guilt if I did this!!! eek I'm sure it will all be fine though.

Leah Griffith said...

I once fed a vegan cheese without remembering that they don't eat cheese, and although my eternal soul, or the soul of the eater, wasn't on the line I still felt like crap for doing it. Say three Hail Mary's and move on my dear;)

Dangerous Linda said...

very interesting quandary -- haha!

if it was a friend of mine, i think i would tell them. this is my reasoning: personally, i have experienced a very strong agitation reaction to MSG in the past. because of that i decided to eliminate it from my diet. years later, my son fed me something that had msg in it, by accident, but didn't tell me when he realized because he believed my past reactions were mostly imaginary on my part.

as it turns out, i had a very emotional evening that night. i attributed it to things happening in my life, and i tried to hide it from my family so as not to 'burden' them with my emotionalism, further convincing my son that MSG has no effect of me.

my other son finally told me weeks later. i was so relieved to learn the truth because i thought i had gone a little crazy that night, although nobody else had witnessed it.

that's kind of a long story, the moral of which, in my imagination, is that it's not your job to decide if the muslim's use of pork is for 'imaginary' reasons or 'real' reasons and they deserve to know because it could have impacted them in ways you are not aware of.

however, what you have already proven is that you don't have to die to go to hell -- we create it with our own imaginations everyday right here on earth ;-)

Jaime Brown said...

2 things:

The other Muslims are right: if we eat pork unintentionally, there's no harm. :)

and to Stephen Hayes:

....She ain't no Follaback girl!

Marja said...

I don't know about your faith but I do know that as long as you do good and love nothing else matters :)

Marja said...

BTW I came here because of your gorgious picture


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