Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guess Who

Guess who was in town yesterday.

Guess who got to see this famous person. And guess which kid threw a fit and wanted to stay home.

Guess who was wearing a really funky outfit complete with a very sweeeeet Peace Corps-ish embroidered vest her mom scored at Good Will for $3. And guess who took it off and wanted her mom to hold it for her. And then guess who came back over an hour later and wanted it back. Any guesses as to whether I gave it back?

Guess who's hair this is. And whether she colors her hair. And about how much that costs.

If you guessed Hillary Clinton, you're right!
And guess if she's about to sneeze. Or pass out. Or wafting a silent but deadly fart.

Guess who wasn't in town. (Hint, the King.) But, guess who was. (Hint, the new Prime Minister.) Guess what they could have talked about. You know, if they got together. I'm guessing she may have whispered something like, "Dude, do you realize you only got the crap powers?" Or maybe it was "So like I noticed there's only one woman in your ministry. What's up with that?" But, again, I'm just guessing.

Guess which kid was so excited he made this cool diagram to send to grandma.

And guess who made this super cool diagram of me and Hillary? Yeah, it was me. And any guesses as to why I didn't realize I could squeeze myself in this bohemian chic Peace Corps-ish vest before now?

And guess who won best dressed at this event?

Yeah, spiderman! Any guesses as to whether spiderman should be capitalized or not?


Stuart Nager said...

It is Spiderman. Superman, Wonder Woman, Ralph...Spiderman, all the way.

Fun pics.

Sine said...

Another classic Rock the Kasbah. Loving it!

And, cool vest! said...

The good thing is that you could arrange your schedule to see her. (OK, no laughing!). After all, you had to take off the roller skates, and delay your belly dancing just to fit in the visit.

Joy Page Manuel said...

So cool that you were able to get that close...seems like it, at least! There!...I was able to read this one before anyone asks that you take this one down..sheesh!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Yup, I recognized the hair. I suspect that Hillary is even better as Secretary of State than she would have been as president. Now that I've said something substantive, back to the hair: She should have kept it short.

Hajra said...

I guessed Hillary! I get brownie points! I loved this, it was so much of fun reading it and yes, the pictures couldn't get anymore fun!

Did you manage to do the "I love you Hillary" scream ;)

Sine said...

I've just read it again for the second time and again am just having THE best time over the fart picture!

Laurel's Quill said...

You rock. Hillary, not so much. And Geez, why doesn't she cut that mop off? There's a few too many wrinkles and bags to be wearing flowing tresses with a headband. But I'm not bitter...loved the fart comment. Laurel

Kevin Routh said...

Love the fart picture - it made me laugh. Coming from your link on Best Posts of the Week. :)

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