Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One week

We have been in Morocco for one week now and here's the short list of likes/dislikes:

Pistachio yogurt
The beach
The turtles in the pond at school
Moroccan mint tea
Warm balmy weather
Rabat American School
Palm trees, bamboo and lots of tropical plants/smells
Liberal Muslimness...I have worn my holey jeans and think I may be able to do a tank top come summer without being stoned to death.....yahoooo!
Bulk spices at the grocery store
The smell of the medina
Insane "no rules" driving
Pain au chocolat
Belly dancing (or Classic Oriental dance as the rest of the world calls it....who knew?)
Fascinating, friendly welcoming people
Fresh produce (Proof of freshness: it's still covered in dirt)
How big the couscous isle is in the supermarket
Eating lunch outside at school
Morocco as a springboard to see even MORE of Africa.

Avocado juice....really anything exotic that we don't have in the states must be tried!
Duplicating the Muslim call to prayer. It resonates through the city 5 times a day. It sounds like a bleeting goat or a moped or a sick bleeting goat riding on a moped.
Being conservative. I tried it for a couple hours and I didn't like it.
Strangely there are more hookah bars in Colorado Springs than here!
Who am I kidding? We must try EVERYTHING!

Constant rain. I feel like we live in Seattle. (It is supposed to end soon.)
Parmalat shelf milk (fresh milk is very expensive and sold in SMALL containers)
cold houses
BUGS.... cockroaches, mosquitos and and ants
The OTHER smells of the medina which are supposed to get more fragrant as summer approaches
The blonde kids being kissed by strangers for good luck.
How every house is white with a cement fence around it. It's really hard to navigate your way around because everything looks the same and no one knows street names. Double bonus!
How polluted the beach is...
Endless amounts of paperwork
Wearing a uniform to gym class

Time's up! Must go to the Embassy now.

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