Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Allah provides

Rabat American School, home to segregation. Those who bring their lunch (and eat outside on the picnic tables) and those who buy hot lunch and eat inside at the cafeteria. It's a big decision. Not only does it determine what you eat, but who you eat with. Whatever you like from home or the healthful meals (not reheated from a package like in the states) actually cooked in the kitchen at the school. Of course this makes the bring from home option highly popular, except on fridays when hot lunch comes with ice cream. That's incentive to eat the couscous, chicken and the vegtable of the day, at least a nibble or two.

So one day Sky comes home and announces that a Moroccan girl in his class brought McDonald's for lunch. I always take these stories that come home from school with a grain of salt. Really? Where did she get the McDonald's from? Sky says that her parents will get her anything she likes for lunch and she said she could also score him some of whatever he would like. I'm more than a little suspicious, she sounds kinda like a drug dealer to me. He said he asked her for pizza. Yeah. Okay. Whatever. The next day, much to my surprise, he brings home a Pizza Hut pizza. "It's from Allah" he says. Allah? God of the Muslim world? Really? Did she give him hallucinagenics? Turns out her name is Allah and I'm pretty sure that she is the god in her household.

Note to Loerzel children: We will live in Morocco for 2 years. This is temporary. You may go to school with rich Moroccan princes and princess, however you are neither rich nor of royal blood. No, you can not have a camel at your birthday party, you will not be dropped off/picked up at school by a private driver or the maid and I will not send you to school with whatever you want for lunch. Just remember... Allah provides. So why don't you ask her parents?


Buckets of Drool said...

My son hates the little girl (Veruca) on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who "wants everything and now daddy" Little does he know he sounds exactly like her. I call him Veruca when he has his entitlement moments. p.s you are a hoot...i love your blogs!

The Loerzels said...

Thank you!!! It's my therapy :)


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