Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Fifth Element

I have four kids named after the four elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth.  (Those aren't my kids' actual names, just the inspiration for them.)   Recently, when I was at the library, I came across the book The Five Elements: an ancient Chinese classification system for personality types. Not only do I love to delve into the introspective, but I'm also curious, so I had to know if my kids would fit their element.  So, I'd have validation that I'd named them correctly. Except, I can already see a problem with this ancient Chinese wisdom; there is no Air.  How are you supposed to breathe without air?  They've gone and replaced Air with Wood.  I guess, when you think about it, trees release oxygen. So, let me try to keep an open mind.

Woods are fearless, strong, logical, bold, independent, confident, unapologetic and nothing upsets them more than injustice.  Which describes my oldest exactly.  Seriously, he goes on and on about injustices all the time.  And do you know how many injustices there are in the world? A LOT!

Waters take their time, flourish in clutter, like rituals, symbols, traditions and they live inside their own heads, marching to the beat of their own drummer.  This is dead on for my second oldest.  He marches right on stepping over the clutter, completely oblivious of what is going on right in front of him. And I do mean completely.

Earths make everyone feel loved. They're devoted, compassionate, easygoing, friendly, kind and put others first.  This is my third child to a T.  She's a far better mother than I am and she's not even a mother yet.

Fires are the life of the party: energetic, carefree, playful, funny, impulsive and live in the moment.  This girl is on fire!  This girl is on fire! She's walking on fire!  (Are you singing that Alicia Keys song yet?) Oh. My. God.  We're four for four!

But, what is the fifth element and how does it tie in?  

Metal is the last of all the elements and represents endings. Metals are loners with high standards who value substance.  They're practical and don't like to discuss feelings. Because feelings of sadness, regrets, challenges, and the emotions of others can be too overwhelming for them. Because of this, they can come off as aloof and indifferent. Although, Metals are very kind, they just don't like gossip or small talk and prefer interaction one-on-one as opposed to groups. They seek spiritual connections with people and a higher purpose; thus, are often humanitarians. Metals tend to be serious-minded, but have a dry, sophisticated wit.  They work methodically and are perfectionists. When they become displeased and/or hurt they become withdrawn and detached.   

 Wait, this sounds like me. 
Exactly like me.

So, I forced my husband to listen to my summarization of the Metal personality.  Because when I read something I find interesting, I need to analyze it and share it. It's for his own good really. As are the documentaries and Frontline episodes I force him to watch. I'm altruistic like that. Not controlling or annoying.  Altruistic, I said.

After indulging me, yet again, he said something to the effect of...You had me at doesn't like to discuss feelings.

And perhaps the clincher:  "When Metals get stressed, they get stuck in a loop of doing more and more of what is already not working, which is apparent to everyone but them."   It's confirmed...

I'm the fifth element!  

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CN said...

OMG Marie! I love it. Less then half way through I knew it was you. I could also name which of the kids it described (not just because I knew their names but more by the descriptions). It really is 5 for 5. :-)


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